Thursday, January 29, 2009

I had a friend (or two) comment on their disgust about my revealing only perfection on the blog... and like I said before, my life is made up of peaches and cream and so there isn't much more to write about than that. But if there were, I would surely divulge all of my faults to the Internet world, completely focus all of my energy on all the negative aspects that life has to offer and make myself out to be a FOOL... and then beg for anyone and everyone to dis-respect me for being a total LOSER! But like I said... that isn't the case. So since I live in Utopia I'd like to share a little fairy tale of my own... as to never forget it myself... because it makes me feel soooo warm and fuzzy!
After my {practically perfect in every way} husband came to the realization that I spent a large hunk of his hard earned bazillions visiting my favorite aesthatician every month, he became quite curious. After all, he is married to the princess of his dreams and he couldn't make sense of such an expenditure. [I don't have morning breath or body odor. I fit into size 2 jeans (If you put them over my head with my arms in the leg holes) but I only wear dresses anyway and I sing love songs in my beautiful voice all day while exotic birds flutter around me doing my house work. And let us not forget that I look like a movie star first thing in the morning. But its my inner beauty that really crowns me.]
Where was I?... Oh yes. Husb wondering why? So I told him my most lovely sob story about how my thyroid is wacked out and as a direct result I'm growing a mustache ( never mind that the hair on my head is falling out in chunks and that I only shave my legs like twice a year... and that is because I want to use my yummy smelling peach shave gel) and I couldn't bare for him to see that my 5:00 mustache shadow gives his a run for his money. So I've bonded with the wax lady over at Habit Hair salon. And with that, he tripped over himself for a solution and then went out and bought me a little gift to cure my woes...
In introduce you to my very own Satin Smooth wax machine. I named her Darline (because it only makes sense that I will be looking darling with a smooth lip and perfect brows.) She will be bringing me hours of enjoyment coupled by amusement and entertainment for all... and with that, I give you my new lip!
First thing first... Although you may think that I am sporting herpes on my lower lip, I would love for you to know that I am completely un-contagious! and second... I strongly recommend reading instructions before using the ever innocent looking wax machine. And third... I want it on the record that I do not have hair growing out of my lip... it was an aimless mistake that caused dreadful pain!
I've tried to recall my princess self applying the wax (in it true honey form) to my facial region in an effort to figure out how I ended up with it on my lip. But after I ripped the first strip off, I was unable to remember... well... anything!
So I've come to the conclusion that when I spilled a little drop from my application stick onto my lip and then applied the little material strip, I might have been a little more cautious to avoid letting the two match up. And further, a quick rip does not diminish the amount of pain which plunges through the entire facial region ~ as if you just lay your lips under the back tire of your peeling out jeep.
And one more note of caution... I do not anticipate using Darline ever again... so if you're interested, you may find her gently used on e-bay next to the picture of me and my augmented Angelina Jolie lips... shipping is free.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big shoes to fill

Over the past few weeks our ward has watched the changing of many organization positions. I keep reminding myself "CHANGE IS GOOD"! I have been the recipient of good change and hard change... And I am now left standing in big shoes to fill.
Since December (2 short years ago) These lovely ladies served the young women of the LDS church with their heart and soul. It was best described to me today like this...
"Young Women" is not a Sunday or Wednesday night calling. It is also birthdays, firesides, service projects... It is time on bended knee at least twice a day. You live this calling! So it is your life. And with that, Young Women leaders who serve (as Heavenly Father would have them do so) genuinely love and respect "their" girls making this calling a difficult one to give up.
That being said, their devotion and bond to the girls is often mis-understood... and sometimes intimidating... And when its all said and done and these leaders are called to serve in different ways, I know that they leave a piece of their heart, a glimpse of hope, mountains of faith and a beacon of light to those whom they have touched... and I believe they will still bend on knee daily with "their girls" in mind.
So... My thanks to you for a job well done. My gratitude for loving some of Heavenly Father's most choice youth. (biased? Nope!) I empathize with you, as if you were grieving, as you move on. And I rejoice with you in knowing that you have touched lives and you have made a difference. I know you have given the gift of your heart and soul and I see the fruits of your labors.
Today... well~ more like yesterday or a few weeks ago when I figured this whole thing out... I promise to serve with the same devotion... It has never been a secret that I love the youth of Zion. They shine!
Dear Sister Merrill,
and to your amazing presidency and leaders,
You are right! You (and yours) have earned a halo!
I believe Heaven is smiling!
You have left big shoes to fill.
You have my promise!
And to my girls,
I marvel at your glow!

Good News... The biggest losers are 53 pounds lighter! Of course that is if you add up all of our weight loss together! So... since we've all been eating lovely and our bodies are thanking us, you might go here to find out your "real age" which is probably younger today than it was when you started this loser stuff!
Today was weigh in... and if I do declare, it is awe inspiring to see the faces of dedicated dieters when pounds begin to shed! I LOVE IT! Today our biggest loser lost 7 pounds since her last weigh in! It just feels so good!
I LOVE MY JOB! hahahaha...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dashing out of town
In our mini van
We headed to Utah
To surprise Grandpa
The trip was really brief
For some winter relief
We played in snow and froze to death and we weren't ready to come home.
(who says it all has to rhyme?)
Loved Park City,
Loved Draper,
Loved to see our friends.
Loved Grandpa's surprised face
Loved Grandma's muffins!
Loved our cousins,
Loved the SNOW
We had so dang much fun
Wish it never ended
Can't wait to go back!
The kids had a BLAST in the winter wonderland! We made record time (10 1/2 hours going the speed limit) so we had extra snow time on Friday!
We went to Park City on Friday night so that Nate's dad wouldn't see us in town until the big SURPRISE on Saturday morning.
After dinner the kids were so excited that they willingly pulled on LAYERS of clothes: Long johns, socks, jeans, turtle-neck, sweatshirt, bibs, more socks, coat, scarf, hat, hoodie, gloves, more gloves, and then stepped into their snow boots...
And stepped out for their first sledding experience!
Cole didn't know if it was going to be too fun after he stepped into the snow, off the deck, and was waist deep in white freezing cold powder! But after a quick rescue, he decided it was going to be a lot of fun!

Nate and Curt designed the sledding trail of dreams!

Braige and Brogan joined us for the festivities... They are part-ay animals!
The kids played for hours! Up and down the hill until WWWAAAYY past bedtime!
So... As it goes, all bedtime rules were out the window... and "PLAY your brains out" took over!
We were mid-nighters on Friday! Because everyone knows that when you get done sledding you have to feel the love of Hot Chocolate melting your stomach... along with steaming buttery popcorn and an old movie... And so we did!
Saturday morning we drove to Draper... for the BIG surprise! And BIG it definitely was! Nate's dad turned 70 on the 16th of January and we couldn't let this landmark birthday go by without a celebration fit for a KING! As good surprises go, a lot of misinformation was flying around... (AKA: B.S.!!!) Dick was so surprised when we all had tickets to go to the Draper, UT temple open house on the same day that mom had barely been able to scrounge up only enough for him and her! And mysteriously, even Anneli and Senja (two of Dick's Finnish friends that he baptized years ago) were in attendance!

Grandpa showing Bailey where the new Finland LDS temple is... He served his mission there and it will ever be a special place for him.
Anneli, Senja, Dick and Linda

Grandpa enjoying the birthday song before the candle ceremony began...
He had just eaten' ribs and potatoes, veggie delight and fruit jello. So Cake and ice cream were definitely in order.

Matt, Nate and Dave enjoying a good laugh... at some seriously funny jokes... on the freezing cold deck in Highland.

Cole, Mckay and Bailey outside with Grandpa and Grandma at their house.
It was so cold... and Mckay had just bit a hole in his tongue... Po McKay...

Bailey felt it of great importance to always remember the huge icicles that had formed on the roof. And so... we will.

This is not an innocent face holding a snow ball!

Again... all rules out the window... go ahead, stay up all night... play outside in the bitter cold.... Eat snow...
One request: Please make sure it isn't yellow.
So as the short lived winter sabbatical was, we didn't get to see everybody that we wanted. But we did get to surprise our OLD grandpa and play a lot with our cousins... and we did get to enjoy lots of snow time and learn the ins and outs of sledding! And we did get to laugh a lot and defy many rules of bed time and wearing our coats... and we did see our dear friend, Mr. Nielson and delivered oranges to Nie from the lovely Dillards. And we did find out that we are related to Mr. Nielson in that visit. Never mind that it is so distant that you are also related to him. And we did get to see that he is happy and positive and still ridiculously good looking and funny! And we did get to share a tear with Nie's mother when she and Mr. Nielson spewed gratitude and begged us to pass it along to EVERYBODY that we see that has touched their lives in life altering ways. And we did get to have grandma's garden picked squash. And we did get to visit the grave site of the honorable Gene Owens whom we love and miss.
So our trip was full and ever so beautiful...
And on the way home we drove right past a gajillion antelope... herds and herds... and then we turned around and drove past them again.
And it was even more of a lovely trip... And we were happier.
And we made killer time STILL! Coming home... going the speed limit... with a potty break or two... and bought a bag of doritos to stink up our car with.
Happy times.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The birthday candles are glowing again... BRIGHTLY!

This is Nate, his dad and his two brothers... mountain men... They love taking off with a back pack and some jerky and setting up camp somewhere to fish... but they don't go often enough. I chose this photograph because I believe it is one of Nate's father's favorite things to do... (be with his family) and today is his birthday celebration!
Happy Birthday Richard W. Mecham (Otherwise best know to us as Dad and Grandpa)

It is my understanding, from reliable sources, that today is the day (70 years ago) that Grandpa LeRoy and Grandma Ethel welcomed their youngest child... a boy... to their family of 5 in the small coal mining town of Hiawatha, UT. I can't quite imagine their joy, being that his sister was 3 1/2 years his elder. But quite frankly I don't know much about his growing up years... other than the story that Grandma used to tell of him running away all the time. She found him escape up over the hill too often, so she tied his coveralls to the close line and let him loose... as far as the leash would take him.

All of my association with Mr. Mecham started on February 19, 1995 when Nate and I went out on our 2nd date... Nothing like breaking them in slowly... Dad and Mom Mecham met up with Matt and Jamie (Nate's younger brother and wife) and Nate and I for some fine dining and "America Sings" (A Glenn Miller Tribute). My first impression of him as he walked toward the car in his suit, with a classy petite lady on his arm, was "here comes Daddy Warbucks". It wasn't until much later (like... Spring of the same year!) that Nate and I visited his home in American Fork. Dad (who was more like Mr. Mecham at the time) asked me to "come with me to pick up Jordy (the family pooch) from getting her hair cut." "Just me?" I nervously thought. "Is this an interview? By Daddy Warbucks?" Then he tossed me the keys to his 1987-ish Toyota Camry... stick shift... "you drive" he confidently said. Never mind that I, myself, learned to drive on a stick shift car... I was shaken' in my runny shoes... something fierce! After a few grinds into reverse, nearly taking out a rose bush (or two) lining his driveway and a jolt here and there we safely returned and I was ready to go back to my college apartment with no more talky. The anticipation of whether or not I passed the exam was more than I could take... even if the professor was one of the kindest people I've ever known.

With each visit I discovered a deeper kindness, more sincerity, and patience that I'd never seen in anyone before. I discovered "daddy Warbucks" to be humble and practical, and devoted to his wife much like the father I grew up with. With each visit I saw a hard working genius who loves his own unconditionally.... and the ones that they bring home too... and after a while I decided, maybe I passed that test after all!

One day after I had been eternally bound to his family (so there wasn't much he could do about it anymore) Dad was in a group conversation where a story of somebody that he loves was being recounted. It wasn't nice... and he was posed with a question in hopes of a negative return... to which he kindly replied, "I don't think it's nice to talk about anybody". And that was that. We all shamefully glanced at one another realizing our transgression and with deepened respect for the patriarch of the Mecham home, we went to bed. And you know what? I believe he has my back should the same situation arise about me.

To my father-in-law I owe a million thanks... a trillion thanks... and then some. You see, he gave a gift to me that I will ever be indebted for: I live with man of dreams.... who happens to have taken with him several of the gajillion profound qualities that his father has. And contrary to popular belief, you don't learn them without an extraordinary example.

My gratitude to you.

As tradition goes... Here is a modest list of a few of the reasons why I love my father-in-law:

* He upholds and honors his priesthood.

* He is generous.

* He is patient.

* He is loyal.

* He is intelligent and well educated.

* He is a family man... through and through... and he loves his own.

* He is funny.

* He know a zillion people and they all like him!

* He loves baseball.

* He loves to be outdoors... fishing, hiking...

* He is incredibly kind.

* He takes care of his responsibility.

* I've never heard him raise his voice... and my children have given him ample opportunity.

* He tirelessly serves.

* He always smells good. Go figure! Every time I hug him he smells good.

* He has always been accepting of me and my family... our faults... and treats us like royalty.

* He never speaks unkindly about anybody.

* I once heard Nate confide something in him that I believe has never been repeated to anyone... therefore making him a vault of information.

Dear Dad Mecham,

On this landmark anniversary of your birth I wish you the rest of your life with people like yourself... it will be quite enjoyable! And I wish you health to keep you young enough for another trip to the Grand Daddies with your boys! And I wish for you that the Yankees will win another world series (and I really wish you can be there to see it). And I wish you happiness and a flood of good memories that makes you excited to rise every morning. And I wish you a hundred tractor rides with the grand kids on your knee. And I wish for you long walks with mom on your arm. Make 70 magical!

We wish we were there to eat some cake with you. Happiest Birthday... with mountains of love.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One week down...

Whooeee!!! One week at this and not much to show on my end. However, we have some pretty competitive dieters... They take their weight loss serious! So... make note: If you are piddling around, toss out the cookies folks~ You are up against some steep competition! The good news is that we are on week one. So... there is no room for defeat yet. Heck, we still have people joining the club!
So far our top two losers are down
#1) 9 lbs
#2) 7 lbs
In only one week.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Try again...

OH NO!! You have to hear this... try it again... click here and turn up the volume NOw!

Don't drink while listening to this!

This will EVER remain one of my most favorite Internet mail forwards...
But I warn you to never link onto it while you are drinking something...
Click here... then Turn up the volume and close your eyes...

Have you ever needed a good laugh?

You know the old saying... A true friend is one who knows you and still loves you...
Introducing one of my very truest friends... BOY HOWDY... does she know me well!
When I left for college I took with me a friend.. or two... and we roomed in the lovely Forest Gate apartments until we moved into a house until we got married (both of us the same year to different men). Living together that long really lets you in on a person... and so this is when I decided that I would have a forever friend in Sarah Jane. As the long story goes, we had some unique roomies along the way... and we survived together with hours and days and months and years of laughter. Pretty much we found college to be a hilarious journey!
Fast forward 13 years... Have you ever really needed a good laugh? I think Sarah has "the force" because each time I'm in need for a good laugh she comes through without even knowing it. It's like she senses the disturbance in the force so she calls or e-mails and rattles off something that puts me back on my planet and gets me going again.
Who randomly writes or calls just to tell you how amazing you are (and makes the picture even brighter than it really is) or calls for advise on something that she is totally over qualified to be giving advise on? I've been blessed with a few... and Sarah is dead on EVERY SINGLE TIME!
So... In honor of one true friend I introduce a dozen seriously amazing things about the lovely Ms. Holt whom I aspire to be more like every day...
1) She is so funny it hurts... in fact... so funny that I can just think of some of the hilarious moments and it gets me out of the WORST rut!
2) She is THE MOST complimentary person I have ever known. (she came by it rightfully... if you know her angel mother you see the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree)
3) She is so ridiculously smart that Einstein would feel stupid around her.
4) She remembers all the important dates, phrases and people required to make her (in my eyes) one of the most thoughtful people that I associate with.
5) CREATIVE! She puts Martha to shame... Honestly!
6) Sarah Jane is a straight shooter but she is so tactful that she could tell somebody where to go and how to get there and they would thank her for the directions. (this happens to be a quality that as a young adult my mother informed me I do NOT have... but I am still looking for it with high hopes!)
7) She is a logical thinker, naturally, and understands the whole picture of any situation without too much thought. How would it be to live in a world of people like that?
8) She is the mother that future generations will be reading quotes about... she rivals Nancy Hanks Lincoln (who is the "Angel Mother" in "all that I am or hope to be I owe to my Angel Mother" - Abraham Lincoln)
9) She is one of those people that when you look at you think, "she is classy". or "she is cute". "I want my hair cut like Sarah" (because if I have her haircut surly I will look like and act like her.)
10) She honors and loves her parents (and there is a lot to uphold there!!!) with complete devotion and love. It is inspiring. I've known Sarah since I was a Sophomore in high school and I can't think of a negative shared thought about her beloved Father or Mother that she ever shared... and so I would imagine that her children will honor her much the same way.
11) She married well... And so did Scott. They were the match made in heaven!
12) She finished college and got married while I farted around and still have a diploma in my future!
13) She is loyal and determined. These qualities are some of my favorite... because they take us so far in life... and pull so many needing hands along the way... and she IS going far!
14) Sarah reminds me of one of my very most favorite heroines... Marjory Pay Hinckley... and I can't quite imagine a life long journey without a dear friend like her.
15) as life goes, I don't see Sarah as often as I would like... but if a hundred years went by and I ran into her in the grocery store, I know she'd pick up right where we left off (make me feel like a prom queen) while I was stumbling to explain my absence.
So... more than a dozen... but not enough to realistically give you insight to the truly incredible individual that she really is.
Dear Pita,
everyone deserves a friend like you...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One decade ago...

I have been known to have camera happiness... but I am 100 times better today than I was a decade ago. Today was the celebration of the birth of my first born... and here are 3 of my personal favorite photos that my camera happiness has left me with. Bailey was born on a cold winter morning a decade ago! The nurses didn't really believe me that I was in labor because I was nearly skipping down the hall with a ginormous smile on my face! Of course I hadn't a clue what "true labor" felt like but I was 6 days over due and so for me it was like every other over due pregnant lady... swollen and willing to do anything to relocate that barbie doll bod!! (that I've never had... but was certain that when the babe was out I would have!) And quite frankly, any good OBGyn knows that you don't send that woman home... and so I stayed and was~ in fact~ in labor and did deliver all pink in just a few hours.

Before Bailey was born I had an ultrasound and on that day I viewed my unborn, firstborn riding a bike in the womb. Bailey was a mover and shaker from conception! And she hasn't disappointed me since...

As cute as she could be, this little spit-fire melted her daddy's heart and wrapped me around and around her tiny pinkie. Nate and I would dash (and nothing less) to her cradle when she began to wake~ to be the first to hold her. It was ridiculous how hard we fell for her. Just after Bailey was born Nate and I began moving all over the U.S. (with his job) and I was so thankful to have Bailey to hang out with me each time we set up residency in a foreign place. I needed her as much as she needed me.... and I'm more thankful today that she chose to grace our family with her life. There is never a dull moment with Bailey.
It is a wonder how a decade has escaped us. I see my beautiful little baby...once so helpless... now so capable. She is reliable. She is determined. She is helpful. She is independent in so many ways. And the thought that her little life in my home is about 1/2 over makes my head spin.
So... on this day we celebrate the life of Ms. Bailey I recount 10 (though there are a zillion) beautiful things about my only daughter...
1) She has brought unmeasurable joy to my life.
2) She has made me feel deeper than I thought humanly possible.
3) She has lead me down a path of learning to destinations I didn't know existed.
4) Bailey is naturally smart.
5) Bailey is funny. Her laugh will crack you up! This chick is funny bidness!
6) She is concerned about EVERY body and making sure that they are enjoying happiness through good decisions... This is sometimes viewed as being bossy but I think it is a strength because it is for other's good that she feels this.
7) DETERMINED!!! People have said over and over... "don't break her spirit"! For the most part the determination exhibited by Bailey is fantastic...and then sometimes it is better described as stunning! (I am often stunned in trying not to break the spirit!) She reminds me of her parents! Hopefully she will turn out better than us!
8) Beautiful! I might be biased... but I love to look at her sweet little face... and hands.
9) Bailey is helpful beyond the call of duty. She will make an amazing mother to some very lucky little people one day.
10)Bailey is loyal.
Ms. Bailey,
You might not realize it, but you were the child that I imagined as a young girl playing dolls. You were wanted from the time that I could say, "when I grow up I want to be a mommy". Before I knew you, you were hoped for. It is my hope that I never leave room for question. A decade has flown by... and I can't imagine that the next one will slow down any. That is why I take so many picture. Today... on the celebration of your mortal life, I wish you all the happiness you could fathom.... the self image to see yourself as Heaven does, the health to carry out goodness that will bring you joy... I wish you a daughter like yourself and strength to endure all the trial that will make you stronger. You are amazing in EVERY way!
Happy Birthday, my friend. I love you!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The biggest loser takes off running...

The biggest loser successfully launched today... however, it isn't too late to sign in with the 20 other hopefuls! No kidding... 20 dedicated souls joining together in a cause for a more healthy lifestyle! I must say... I am impressed! So, if everyone that has shown interest pays and weighs in this week the bounty will be set at $1000.00. Looken' pretty HOT, ey?
And... if you are interested... my sister, Lisa (the master hair designer at Habit hair salon) is hosting a fundraiser for cancer research! She is selling 3 month gym passes to Fitness Works for $20.00! No kidding! I checked the gym out today... they have all the classes, a pool and weights galore! For $20.00 you may help yourself and aid in the cause for a cure. She has an e-mail address that you can contact her at for those passes (that I made her promise she would check if I posted it...) it is:
Best of luck to all the contestants in your journey!
I posted a broccoli recipe here that might help you GAG down that low fat food!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Today has been a bitter sweet day for us... Nate was released from the bishopric. It is hard to put our feelings into words. If you told me a week ago that I would feel a little empty with this release I would have NEVER agreed... but today that is EXACTLY where I sit. I think I feel a portion of what Nate feels... and he sure has been quiet today.
A few years ago, Sister Smith (who's husband preceded mine as the 2nd counselor) said that she was going to miss the blessings that came from serving in the bishopric. I kinda thought that was funny since Heavenly Father blesses all of His children who serve in any capacity... but today I empathize in great part with that feeling.
Two-ish years ago when Nate was called to serve with Bishop Brown that call was scary! I laughed (story for another day) but on that day, the coloring in Nate's face disappeared pretty quickly... and he was ALL serious business! Don't get me wrong... Nate was willing... but a little nervous! Of course the Lord qualifies whom He calls... Of course Nate would serve Him in any capacity... But he certainly was blind-sighted by the call... and ever so humbled. I have been guilty to say the Nate never aspired to be in the bishopric. And he didn't. I have been guilty to say the "I NEVER want him to be the bishop". And I don't think anyone really asks for that call. But over the past 24 hours I have learned a lesson that is now a part of me.... The Lord blesses us for serving. As frightening as a calling with a lot of responsibility can be, I realized that Heavenly Father really does take care of His servants. And today I echo Sister Brown who mentioned that it is scary to come to the realization that the abundance of blessings that we have enjoyed over the course of this calling... because of this calling... are now given to those serving in that calling... It is difficult to give them up.
Nate really loves the members in our ward. He speaks lovingly and with great concern and kindness about all of them. He loved serving in the bishopric... today he would admit that without any fear at all... and I know he will miss that association with our ward.
Thank you, Nate, for serving and from doing so bringing the blessings into our home. I keep reminding myself... change is good... and sometimes a little bit of bitter along with the sweet.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I'm just sitting here eating my last piece of cake goodness before the biggest loser starts (on Monday!)... and though the chocolate content in my cake is melting my brain into a puddle of delight, I am still able to add numbers... and I bet you can't guess that we already have 17 people who are IN on the pot worth $850.00... as of now! Of course it would only be $425.00 if all of us loose 8% of our weight! Tell your friends... good incentive!
By the way... So far we have 2 votes for pounds lost and 5 votes for total % weight lost and 10 undecided... (you can vote until Sunday night!)
You can still e-mail me...
Indulge... diet starts Monday!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The very biggest loser!

Since it is the beginning of January and it is a time to make goals, my family and I are trying to keep the weight loss goal alive... with motivation! So... we thought that it would be fun to invite all of our friends (that live close enough to weigh in) to join if you would like. I understand that everyone of you doesn't need to loose weight, but if you have a friend that would like to join us please feel free to share the news!
Here is the whole BIG FAT DEAL!!!
*You will weigh in at my house once a week. You can either weigh in on Monday (morning from 9 -10:00 a.m. or afternoon from 4:00-6:00 p.m.) or you can pick your own day and just call to make sure I'm home before you come over. **I will not be posting my phone number on the blog. However, if you e-mail me I will give you all the info you need! (weekly weigh ins are ideal for the most progress, but it is really only required that you weigh in once a month) This will keep all of us on the same scale! I will keep a log on each individual separately.
*It will begin as early as Monday, January 5th and you can sign up until Monday, February 2. Our contest will end on Monday, May 4th and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 5th.
*Each contestant will need to pay $50.00 up front and you can get back $25.00 if you loose 8% of your body weight.
*The Biggest looser will win the money remaining in the pot.
***If you are going to join please e-mail or call me with your vote on whether we determine the winner by % of weight loss or by total pounds lost. The majority vote will rule on this.
*You are allowed to work out however much you want... get a personal trainer... join a diet center... whatever you want... BUT NO DIET DRUGS! They are cheating... and they defeat the purpose of optimal health.
*All weight numbers will be confidential for you and me (I will have to write them down) but I will post weekly results and encouragement on my blog on Monday evenings!
So please join us! And tell your friends to join too! Some friends in the ward did this a few years ago and the pot was enough to take the winner and her husband to Disneyland! That is motivation!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Serving you good food in 2009!

So since I read cjane today I'm feeling a little narcissistic... and happily so (if that is true narcissism)... and in doing so decided to share a few of my favorite recipes here!
My sister, Marci (who happens to be the real cooking hero in our family) and I started a little recipe blog... if there is a recipe that you have tried (that either of us has made) that you would like posted please e-mail us at and we will try to oblige as quickly as possible.
Happy eating!

I resolve myself to...

I believe Greg Olsen is the artist who created this image.

A Mecham tradition is that we each give a gift to the baby Jesus every year. (a lot like a new years resolution) We wrap up a little wooden baby Jesus with our commitment written out on paper and place it under the tree... to be opened on Christmas morn and carried out through the year. Though Cole tries his hardest to figure out how he will get a new lightening McQueen hot rod to heaven, this is not the kind of gift we offer. In years past some have tried so hard to "give" up sibling rivalry... others to "give" the gift of better visit teaching... or to stop swearing (at least around the kids)!

In the events of this past year, I was fortunate and quite unfortunate to witness a life altering event at the sacrifice of Stephanie and her beloved. In serving her family I found the truth in so many things... the reality and promise we have been given to "find our self in service", to name one. My testimony of a merciful God and the Savior of the world has grown monumentally. My understanding of the Word of Wisdom is more clear... and I am more determined to live it. I have friendships that are bound by loving service. These people are genuine and kind and I can't imagine living a life long without them. I feel that I saw a literal raising from the dead. Nie and Mr. Nielson are my miracle... and yours... and I am thankful to a loving Father in Heaven for allowing me to be a part of world-wide gathering of His children... coming together for good. I learned lessons that changed me forever.

From this event and education, I have chosen to gift the baby Jesus my commitment to openly share His gospel (shamelessly) with anyone and everyone. And as a new years resolution I will serve, more diligently, His children.

Today, on the fist day of a new year, I declare a heart felt love and honor and a devotion, unshakable, to Jesus Christ. I know He is real and that He will return to earth as promised by prophets. I anticipate that day so that I might personally thank Him for an unearthly abundance of blessings that have come from His atonement.

Enjoy a Healthy, prosperous year full of gratitude and optimism!

December is Officially gone...

If you blinked or overslept at all then you missed December...
Fortunately at our house, we didn't do either! It was fun and full and packed with a gajillion people (but not all) that we loved! It made our month long holiday one beautiful Christmas to remember! We don't usually get to see Grandma and Grandpa-great this time of year. They typically are tucked into a snow drift above Park City, entertaining the relatives (afar) and dining with polar bears! But this year our cousin got married in December! And I thank her for doing so because the great-grands were in town for her celebration and we got to have a little Christmas with them!
My older brother and his family joined the festivities for the first time in like... FOREVER! He was re-married a little over a year ago and so this was the first FULL family photo opportunity that my parents have had to get the entire nest on film. Strapping bunch!

I talked myself into a guilt free Christmas card less year this year! It really wasn't so bad... until December 15th... that is when everyone started mailing their cards! With each piece of mail cheer that I received a little more guilt set in until I feel slothful and ashamed to say that during my favorite postal time of year I chose to NOT mail out greetings. I love to go to the mail box ALL Christmas long... just for the cards to brighten my day! I will be mailing out Christmas cards in 2009. In fact, I may start on them today!

This offering of Christmas cake was the only bribe it took to convince Santa that the requests listed above were a given. (I will do my darnedest to get that recipe posted here tomorrow.)
An official request for 1) a mini hair straightener 2) a red Ryder b.b. gun and 3) a trailer for the Jon Deere that was found under the tree last year were granted.
Much thanks Mr. Claus!

Three beautiful children made Christmas come alive in our home. Every part of it... the magic and the reality!!!
So December 2008 is gone forever. A new year ahead! Taking down the decorations, brushing off the glitter and turning down the lights is bitter sweet for me. I love the feeling of Christmas dancing, unmistakably, around me... so when (in the blink of an eye) it arrives and then quickly passes, I often feel a little empty.
I wonder what that December long ago was like?? An expectant mother preparing for the Christmas child to arrive: anxiety, anticipation... calm.... and the day of His arrival came and then somehow forgotten by many. Yes... empty!
So this year I am resolved to keep Christmas in my heat all year long. The miracles I've witnessed this past year are enough to create wonder and awe for a life time.
Yes... I Believe!