Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catch up post

sit tight! I've got some catchen' up to do. This past month has BLOWN by! WOWzers... But it isn't forgotten.

These little peeps played a whole lot of soccer! Between practice and games I have the best excuse for not journaling in a month! Games are over. However, baseball has begun!!! And swim team registration is in less than a month! The kids love their sports... and Cole loves the treats afterwards. (nice chip)

The day before spring break started we had a little upset. The dinner conversation was very exciting indeed! Bailey informed her father that Zach (at school) made big plans to kiss his girlfriend. They are in the 5th grade! So the whole 6th grade class found out about it and followed Mr. Zach to greet his little lady after class. His plan was not only to kiss her... but to kiss her on the LIPS! "DID YOU HEAR ME?" "I SAID KISS HER ON THE LIPS!"

Nate told Bailey to stay away from Zach. "He's trouble!"

Mum and Dad celebrated another wedding anniversary. Those NEVER get dull! Can you imagine how awesome it is going to be when you can say that you've been married for 50 years?! Cool. By the time you are at that stage of the marriage it is REAL bliss! You are seasoned, trained, Wise, Comfortable and truly one. I'm looking forward to that.

Spring Break Week...

Oh the fun!!!

We ran LOOOOOOOOOTS!!! getting ready for this little race! In fact we calculated nearly 25 miles. Papa Nate has to add a few miles for all the times he lapped me.

Monday: The zoo

Tuesday: St. Patrick's day.

Green breakfast tradition. Even Papa came home from work for green waffles!

Wednesday and Thursday: We prepared for baseball season to begin and played with friends.

After purchasing the proper little man protection I found Coley and Co. playing "doggy" with the jockstrap/cup packaging! They dumped fishy crackers into each side and licked them out. McKay and Bailey we somewhere outside for the entire week!!!

should it concern me that Cole is completely comfortable with the fact that his baseball cup is on the floor next to him and his friends of the female gender? Never mind that he treated them to fishy crackers out of jockstrap container!

Friday: Hike with cousins... Desert in Bloom.

Saturday: Garden harvest and more planting.

Sunday: Church and BBQ with the family in the park.

The weather has been incredible!!!

A week back to school and life resumed back to laundry, chores, and schedules. Now we prepare for April break, Cole's birthday and Easter.

Part of Easter tradition for us is the spiritual feast of the Easter Pageant. GO! It is incredible!! ALWAYS amazing!!! This year was no different.