Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Game of Tag

I actually think this game is pretty funny! The fact is that I filled one of these out moons ago... and I enjoyed myself so much that I when TWO of my fav people also tagged "anyone" I decided that meant me! So here you go... Facts about Moi.

4 shows I watch:
Except for the fact That I am socially challenged in this department, I haven't watched 4 hours of television in a decade... so I don't even know what is on. The last 4 shows that I watched back in high school were pretty sweet:
1) Days of our Lives (but every time I hear about it from the younger crowd the same stupid thing is happening... so I don't think I've missed much in 20 years.)
2) Little House on the Prairie... but I was embarrassed to admit it in high school. (I own the series on dvd and my kids are loven' it!)
3) -
4) Sadly there aren't 4 shows I've ever been religious about watching... but I swear one day I will be cool enough to join in a conversation about E.R. or something...

4 things I'm passionate about:
My mother one day described me in one word, "passionate". I should be able to fill this out...
1) SOLVE the PROBLEM! Don't Blame anyone else! Figure the real problem and Solve it! Hard? yes! Get er' done.
2) Constitution. We have strayed something fierce from it. BOY HOWDY! The founding fathers would NOT be happy with us!!!
3)clean underware
4)teeth brushed... no build up between them... wow! that's yuk-o-la!

4 phrases I say a lot:
3)What the heck?
4)If is was easy it would already be done.

4 things I have learned from my past:
1)It's always easier to say sorry than it is to keep tryng to prove you were right when you were actually wrong.
2)If you judge harshly it comes back on you to give you a broader perspective.
3)NEVER say, "If there is anything I can for you let me know" or anything of its kind unless you are actually willing to really do ANYTHING!
4)staying healthy is easier than trying to regain health.

4 places I would like to go:
1)Bora Bora

4 things I did yesterday:
1) ACN Meetings
2) read to Coley
3) made dinner for friends
4) cleaned my seriously messy house

4 things I am looking forward to:
1)summer break
2)A new President of the United States. It doesn't get worse so I know whoever wins will be a better deal!
3)my tulips blooming... they just started and they make me very happy!
4)a steady paycheck again... who knew one could take for granted something like that? Weird!

4 things I like about winter:
1)winter grass
2)cool weather
3)Christmas Break
4)sleeping in

4 things on my wish list:
1)Mecham bum (as in, I wish I had one instead of the one I have)
2)New Bed... freaken' curse the one I have since it has visible mountains and valleys.
3)twins that I didn't have to birth myself.
4)McKay's leg aches to be GONE!!! AND NEVER EVER COME BACK EVER EVER! Po McKay!

4 people I tag:
Whoever has the time, ought to do this. It's sorta fun....