Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pooped out kids and a rescue date and a rescue.

No pictures... just a funny story:

It had been one of those days. The Mecham children woke up on the wrong side of the bed. By 10a.m. I knew it was going to be necessary for a night OUT with Mr. Mecham. It was confirmed, when at noon, Bailey and Cole began an argument over who would get to tell me something. (because I might enjoy a story more if the info came from a different child... right?!) And re-affirmed by little McKay's cries of boredom after being grounded from friends until Cole was his buddy again.

Make note that if I ever go into the looney bin it is because of sibling quarreling. I can't stand it! I knew there was something wrong. Either a child sick or up too late or hungry bellies. Why else would one wake up bitter? So I fed the children. But they didn't like their food. (YIKES!) I took their temperatures. Everyone normal. No booger noses. No coughing. Everyone healthy. Therefore it must have been the late night games and Christmas activities. Yes indeed! They were tired. But what kid is going to go to bed for the night when the sun is still up? And so I made a dedicated attempt to fill the day with activities and work to keep the young ones busy and when Mi Amore finally rescued me we made one last attempt to relieve the children from their miserable day. We took them bike riding at the church parking lot! It didn't work. Even the bike ride ended in tears.

It was dark. 6:00. I made mac and cheese for dinner (affectionately known as "yellow death")because it was fast... and then listened to the children complain about their meal in the background while I called 1-800-macarena iriqui (great babysitter). She was available to sit with the children while we escaped the insanity! The children ate, pulled on jamies, brushed teeth and were tucked in bed snuggy tight with prayers said by 7:00 p.m. And just before I walked out the door to pick up Ms. Iriqui I poked my little head in to see 3 children who had embraced sleep quickly.

We gave Macarena free reign of the pantry, fridge and freezer, Christmas goodies still lingering, the computer Internet and movies. We even told her to invite Ms. Katie to come hang out... It was going to be a very quiet night and we were so thankful that she was willing to come over.

I skipped to the car. Skipped! So happy for relief. Mr. Mecham and I went to dinner since we were getting quite hungry. Soup and salad. Perfect for the chilly evening. On the way home we decided to drive through the Honda dealership. It sounded like a good time to trade in our old Honda for a newer model with less miles. And so we pulled in but decided to drive through the lot instead of walking since the night air was a little too cool and the car was already toasty warm. When we found a few we liked we hopped out and quickly peeked inside... oblivious to time... happy to be shopping together with full bellies. But we knew we would have to come back another day. So we began our exit. The South exit was already gated and locked down... so we drove to the South/East exit... the one we had entered the lot at... it was also gated and locked down. I chuckled. Nate cursed. So we headed to the obvious only opening for the dealership... the North/East entrance. It was gated and locked. I chuckled. Nate cursed twice. We were totally locked into the dealership! Everyone had gone home. Lights inside were out. GONE!

We called the police. They would "send somebody out." And so after an hour MR. Nice policeman came out and listened to our story while shaking his head. The brave Mr. Mecham announced his desire to borrow the policeman's bolt cutters and made a honest effort to convince the officer that he had the right to do so since he had been locked into the dealership. The officer shook his head. The bolt cutters were not a part of the nights activities. The only thing Mr. Officer could do was loan us a phone (that we didn't need) to call somebody (at 10:30 p.m.) to get a ride home. But Mi Amore (bless his heart) couldn't bare to leave our already purchased Honda in a Honda dealership until the next morning. And so he remained firm in his idea that bolt cutters were necessary and that as soon as the nice policeman left that he would call uncle Loyd to bring them over. But before the Officer could leave the night janitor arrived and guess what? He had keys to the lock? What janitor has keys to the lot lock?
And so at 11:00 p.m. We were rescued and on our way home to our very sleeping children.
What a day!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

My heart grew fonder...

Mr. Mecham has been out of town. He had some business to care for. He totally lucked out having it be in his home state which was a winter wonderland while he was there! We, at home, were jealous until he announced that it was "5"... as in 5 degrees F! Yikes! Actually, we were still jealous... Considering that we scored mightily in the "in-law" and cousin detail there.
It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Indeed it does!
My typical morning starts with Mr. Mecham doing something extraordinarily kind for me... take your pick of services... and then he heads off to work. He works a hard day ~ always making me proud to claim him! Then home he comes, tripping over himself to get here as soon as possible. And wouldn't you know, after the welcome home smooch he rolls up his sleeves and asks, "what can I do?" To be real honest, the hour he arrives home isn't always the funnest hour of the day. We lovingly refer to it as "happy hour"... dinner to finish up while kids are wining with hungry bellies... homework help is always needed... the afternoon whirlwind has displaced nearly every possession we own, and I look like a just ran a 10K in my apron. It is tricky at best! But papa comes to the rescue making life seem better. I begin my evening rant and Mr. Mecham smiles and nods until a laugh can be fit in without offense. He is just dreamy! Really... he is.
This is something I've always been grateful for... but today I'm more thankful than I was a week ago... because when it was gone I realized how much I craved it. And to set the record straight... I don't know if I could live a whole life without it. Because in his absence... my little heart not only grew more thankful, it also became fonder of such a guy.
Now... if you'll excuse me, he just walked in from the nightly grocery store run and I want to hear all about his trip, etc... My fond lil' heart can't wait!

Monday, December 7, 2009

a little recap...

Thanksgiving was delightful! I made my first pumpkin pie which was a major hit! Yee HAW! And we even took the kids to see "blindside" after dinner. Good flick. Go see it!

Jessica and Beavis parted ways... it went incredibly well. We give credit to skilled doctors who were blessed by our Heavenly Father to carry out His will. Jessica came home already! What a gal! Sure love and miss you lady!

We set out the decorations for Christmas... and the celebration has begun! I just wish it lasted all year!

Dad celebrated another year older... and much wiser too! It has been a year of challenge for the old man. In his fight against skin cancer on his cheek he is optimistic and we are hopeful and most prayerful! We celebrated with a grand party at the home of yours truly! All dad's favorite health foods as not to spike his diabetes! Salmon and shrimp and steak on the grill. Yummy garden fresh salad and red potatoes and Aunt Tisha's green beans delight...

and then get out your insulin...
because cake and ice cream, hot liquid love piled with marshmellows and whip cream stirred together by candy canes and smores by the fire! Balloon launches (best idea I ever stole from Nie) and well wishes for a healthy and delightful year... and then sparklers and games that lit up the night like summers past! It was fantastic!
Happy birthday pops! I sure love you.