Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring babies....

I saw this picture and it made me think of the other two birthdays we celebrated in my house this month... McKay and Cole... and I consider them mine (ALL MINE)... and then I posted a picture or Nate as a baby and I call him mine (ALL MINE)... but if push came to shove, his mother would put up her dukes and fight me for him. I suppose, just as I would for my boys... so rather than asking for a lash for taking what I believe I've rightfully won, I share with you two reasons that today was a celebration...

#1) A celebration of Nate's mother, Linda June, who brought about one of the greatest people I believe I know... (After all, I did sign on to be with him forever...) and so I celebrate her sacrifice and choice to do so. I will ever be grateful. Not only that, but what baby looks this amazing after delivery? So I congratulate Linda June on the arrival of my favorite child that she has. (no offense to the rest of you.) And hope that you enjoyed him in your home as much as I love him in mine.

#2) 38 years ago Nate joined the world of mortals... breathing, eating and sleeping... and somewhere between that spring April day and today, he stole my heart... which now breaths, eats and sleeps Nate... And I sure enjoy him.

If I found it a challenge to describe the thoughts as mother to her son (about his life) then it was only because I hadn't yet had the opportunity to put my thoughts into words about his father...

Life during Mr Mecham's 24 years, prior to me, are up to my imagination... and I have a brilliant imagination (sometimes) so I figure those years were fabulous... as were mine... but I know how my life changed once graced by mi amore, so I write about those... but not without a story first...

As an adolescent I attended a youth conference at BYU... This particular class that I remember had a woman speaker describing her husband/marriage which ended with a challenge to set a standard in our minds of all young men and to create a list on paper of those characteristics of a good husband. I was young, but surely not stupid... I knew exactly what my future man needed to be! (I was 12)

All the important things at the time were based upon the current crush that I had on my brother's friend (who was nearly 4 years my elder) and whatever athletic event I was currently participating in.

My Knight in Shining Armor MUST have important qualities such as:

love baseball (that was because I loved to watch my dad play ball).

Enjoy the outdoors. (so he could keep up with me)

Be the student body president of his high school. (because that is what Scott Pond was)

Oh... and hhhhhooooooooooooottttttttttt! (of course.. because that is also what Scott Pond was!).

I wrote it down, sealed my capsule and then wondered if it would really happen as the speaker had promised???

A few years later in church we had an activity where we listed qualities in "the one" that we would date and marry. By this time I had forgotten my previous list to some degree but it didn't matter anyway because my priorities were in a much better place...

Mr. Right must:

like to run (because that was a great way to get the kinks out of your thoughts and clear all stresses).

He must have a small buttocks (because I had to give my children at least a 50/50 chance of small bottom genetics... very important!).

enjoy hiking and fishing (because I was going through some hippie/all natureeellll days).

and since I was in church during this activity... he must go on a mission, and be a member of the same church...

be taller than me. and smart!

Oh... and HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOTTTT! (If I have to wake up each morning to his bed head and stinky breath, then he has to at least have the potential of being aesthetically pleasing!)

I found my old time capsule and opened it up/ dumped out the contents into my new and improved capsule with the revised lists and photos... sealed it up and labeled it, "Don't Open until getting married".

With that, the can was tossed to the tip top of my closet to collect dust bunnies until a later date.


Another several years passed. I graduated high school and went to college. I watched my best friend, Shelly get married and have children. I sat at multiple book tables for college room mate's receptions. I received friend's shower celebration invites and wedding announcements... and though I was having the TIME OF MY LIFE, I began to wonder if my prince charming was coming. I dated very cool people. They had several amazing qualities... but not for me. And I dated some total ding bats and found myself thankful that I had figured out that they were not for me too!

Then one day the phone call that changed my life came... I accepted a date with Nate. And with each visit and conversation I found him exactly what I wanted. Kid you not, somebody finally hung the moon for me! I wanted to be better. I made better choices. I tried to do everything right. I imagined myself with him for a very loooooooooong time. He made me weak in the knees and my heart skip beats... I had butterflies! We were like two peas in a pod. I would think something and he would voice it. He would start a sentence and I could finish it. So off we rode...

But not before I dusted off my time capsule and sharpened the can opener... with all of it's important data from my warped view of Mr. Right...

But something worth noting concerning those vital characteristics:

My Knight in Shining Armor LOVES baseball and enjoys the outdoors. Fishing and hiking are held among "favorites" even! The Autumn before we began dating he ran the St. George marathon... because he LOVES to Run! Genetically, Nate is incapable of ever growing large buns. It isn't in his make up... even if he does eat ice cream 7 days a week @ mid-night! And my children are sooo lucky!!! He is definitely taller than my 5 foot stature, and has intelligence that put me to shame. Since I saw him first @ church, I knew we shared the same core beliefs... and he served a mission in Argentina during the Same years that my brother's friend (only 4 years my elder) must have served somewhere! Ha! And so to conclude my list... My Mr. Right was even the student body president... Class of "89... Cavemen!

Surely my views had again changed... I had added different mandatory characteristics... I had forgotten most of the previous necessities! Somehow Nate excelled in every category for me...

Each day I see why he completes every part of me... because where I fall short he is long winded. He has filled every dream I ever dreamed up for him to be! I am still happy. Never wishing my situation away... and I realize that I am among an elite club of "Happy's"...

So my wish to my one and only on the celebration of 38 amazing years...

I wish to serve you as you do for me.

I wish to make your smile bigger every day...

I wish you happiness es that exceed your expectations.

I wish you a glimpse of yourself as I truly see you.

I wish you a year to remember... full of success.

feliz cumpleaƱos mi amor!

You are hhhhoooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttt!

I love you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

At your request

The requested recipe for the recent Easter treats is on my food blog here.... Hope you make an extra dozen to eat with your favorite friend... XO

Mission accomplished... reward was mine.

To whomever it was that thought up such an idea as "pay it forward",

You have a genius mind... a giving heart... and a solution to the world's problems... It's called serving another. The reward comes back to the giver far more than the recipient.

To you, my thanks. I had a blast thinking of, preparing and delivering to my lovely friends.

To Kaye, Erin and Kathryn,

I have never enjoyed making jam so much! In fact, from now on, I will always make jam with at least one person in mind who will receive a jar. I even think this batch tasted better! Oh... and the rolls... though I would love to take credit for such piquant delight, the real heroin here is Ms. Katie... Yes Yes... those were Prince Knot rolls!

Kathryn, Your batch is in the mail! So funny... the post lady asked me what I was sending~ You should have seen her face when I told her rolls and jam! I wish I had my apron on... It was soooo Holly hobby! When they arrive, should there be fuzzys on those rolls, I would beseech you to toss them out and just spoon the jam into your mouth! But if your package arrives as planned, you may find yourself in taste bud heaven. I understand from the roll master herself that they are like Krispy Kreme donuts... If you microwave them for 8 seconds they taste fresh from the oven!

Thank you friends... for an opportunity to do something fun. It made me happy all day... and the next!



Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here is a good reason to celebrate your Thursday... It is McKay's 8th birthday! And he is something to remember, for sure!
Just before I graced this beautiful child with life, Sister Germaine inquired as to the gender of my gestating little one and with the news she excitedly proclaimed something that I will never forget; "Girls are wonderful... but Boys melt their mom's hearts." And to that I was thrilled because I was having a hard time imagining ever loving one so much as I loved my Bailey.
On April 16th (the day after Easter dinner fit for a KINGdom... FREE ADVISE: Don't do that.), Mr. McKay decided he would take his turn on earth. Never mind that he had taken an extra 1 and 1/2 weeks (still bitter a little) past due date to finalize that decision, once he was coming, HE WAS COMING! And only 1/2 hour post check in (nurses in typical calm fashion claiming that "she's too happy to be in labor" while husb is locating punch and cookie counter to set up house during delivery) McKay joined mortality... and changed my world again... and melted my heart.
Weighing in exactly 2 lbs bigger than his petite sister, with a perfectly shaped round head full of dark hair and the most kissable baby lips I've ever smooched, my heart dripped like a Popsicle in July ~ overflowing~ and I began an instantaneous wrapping of myself around his tiny perfect pinkie finger.
At the time of his birth, we had recently moved to AZ from TX and we were finding shelter in my parents home while searching for our own place. This created the perfect environment for free hands always willing and wanting to hold and cuddle the little man.... and not much time went past where he wasn't enjoying just that... thus giving him opportunity to snuggle up to anyone and everyone.
The theory that you can spoil a child by holding them too much is HOG WASH! Tried and true at our house, holding your little ones makes them more loving... and Mr. loving is my McKay.

Everywhere we went people oooed and awwwwwed over his sweet little face... and when all the little old people (who believe they earned their "right" to touch baby hands and kiss their itsy toes even though they were hacking who knows what up behind those dentures) at the grocery story gooed at him he would smile ever so shy and coo right back. It was quite impressive. McKay acquired the genetics of articulation at an extremely young age. So as a toddler when those same gutsy people baby talked to him, they were quite surprised by his clear enunciation and rather extensive vocabulary. Thus the beginning of McKay's joy of shocking people with his clever little mind.

When Mr. McKay was learning to walk he seemed to be a little bull legged. Dr. Nicolson (who was so amazing he can never be replaced) Calmed our fears and promised that the best athletes were and are bull legged. I could have sworn that he was talking about the NFR, but like everything else Doc said, it has shown true for McKay. He is a natural athlete and loves to play... not unlike any other boy... but play hard the same! And we sure love to watch him.

This is hardly an explanation of even the highlights of McKay. He is kind. And kind hearted. It comes easy for him. He is genuinely concerned for others. In fact, I didn't think I'd ever be able to say that I know another child to care so much as I believe McKay does until Ms. Joslyn (Bailey's friend) came over a little more. I think it must be a gift. And aren't we glad that everyone has their own.
So... today on McKay's birthday I list 10 things (other than those already noted) that make McKay irresistible to me:
1) He is a "mini-me" of his father. THROUGH AND THROUGH! (although Nate claims that he was much more mischievous than McKay ever hoped to be)
2) McKay never sits back and waits for opportunity to come to him... he seeks it out.
3) He is smart but never flaunts it. In fact, he even will play dumb to let others feel smart too.
4) McKay is incredibly complimentary in our home.
5) He makes it a point to hug me and his dad everyday and tell us he loves us. Sometimes he randomly hops up from a movie or game or even playing outside just to come tell us that he loves us.
6) McKay plays hard. He works hard. But he doesn't care much for sleep. I think it's because he doesn't want to miss out on an opportunity to play or learn something new.
7) He is SOOOO determined. Last year in 1st grade he did well in every subject except phonograms. They absolutely did not make sense to him. He went to tutoring. We practiced at home. His teacher decided that since he read well above grade level that is was going to be okay and opted to not even grade him because she didn't want the letter F on his report card to discourage him! YIKES! But McKay forged on... trying and failing and trying... little by little he memorized EVERY single phonogram by the last day of school. And to our astonishment, he has never forgotten one nor how to use them. Determined? I think so. Ending the 2nd grade year, McKay is yet to miss one on his phonogram test.
8) He has a great sense of humor. Truthfully, we didn't see it until the past year... and we are so happy that is shines!
9) McKay thinks through everything before he tries it... or buys it!
10) He can be naughty. What? I love that? It's true. Everyone deserves to have somebody heroic in their life. Somebody that sets a standard for them. McKay is one of those people for me. How I lucked out to have him in my home? I don't know. He may be young and small, but he is mighty. And so in my mind a little naughty keeps things real. So I like that McKay is sometimes naughty!
Today in honor of 8 years... 8 birthdays... Your life... I have written to remind me and you a fraction of the reasons why the past 8 years have been so amazing. Of those 8 years you have been a major contributor to my joy.
I realize that you came pre-wired and that all the special things about you were yours before you got here... they are not necessarily because of your family on earth... but I thank you for sharing with us.
Thank you. Thank you for choosing our family. For that, I will ever be grateful. You have changed my life and melted my heart...
I am forever wrapped around that itsy bitsy ever growing pinkie finger...
Happiest 8th birthday. Make it the best yet!
I love you a googol,

Easter ever in my heart...

(You may view other photographic art masterpieces by Mark Mabry here...)How does one verbalize the tender feelings of not only gratitude, but honor and praise to the most important event ever to take place in the history of the world... let alone the profound sacred feelings that rest upon a full heart for the pre-ordained Savior of the world?
Easter... a reflection of the perfect atonement, the despicable crucifixion and the glorious resurrection of our elder brother, Jesus Christ... it is difficult for me to wrap all of my thoughts into this event all in one day... Easter... but I can think of no better day of the week to celebrate the gift of the atonement and resurrection.
With so much swirling through my heart and mind, I sum it up like this: This man, born in the most humble of circumstances, lived a perfect life, performed miracles to many... who atoned for my sins and yours... who felt the pain and weight of the world... who had more love than any other... who carried, hung and died upon the cross at Calvary... This same man over came death on the 3rd day. He lives.... of this I am sure.
The Easter celebration brought about family and friend gatherings. Worship. Feasts. Fun.
We hunted baskets and eggs. We sang lots of songs. We cried and laughed.

As part of family tradition we hide an empty egg (resembling an empty tomb... for He is risen!)... The egg is the most coveted egg... for the finder of it gains the best reward. Even in a sea of treat filled plastic Easter eggs, the empty egg is most sought after and cheered for.

And the empty egg winner this year was Ms. Bailey.

Though Easter Sunday is days past, I promise to keep it ever in my heart. For each day it's message is one that I not only believe and live, but each day I become the recipient of the gift which was given at such a monumental price... the sacrifice of the perfect Son of God. And for that I remain profoundly grateful.
Happy Easter... all year long!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This month is such a special one... Happiest of birthdays to all of my boys.

This day marks the 5th anniversary of mortal existence to one most unique and un-ordinary little man... My little Coley Wooley Bear Warnick Mecham.
Nearly 1,825 days ago seems more like yesterday. It was a very typical gestation for my little one... over due and scheduled for induction but went into labor before the hospital called. The nurses didn't believe... again... Oh well. Since papa Nate loathes labor and delivery stories (not that he would know the truth of them 1st hand since he spends those hours in the hall making friends and eating punch and cookies with all the other light headed dads...) I will spare the awesome details of what I thought would be a quick 1/2 hour from uterus to arms which turned into a LOOOOONG labor and a cone-headed baby... (thank you tail bone)
Once Cole had arrived he lay under the warming lights like a spring chick... singing. I always say; He was accompanied by a choir of angels... Never a cry, just singing... with his little hands folded in prayer. I was truly fascinated by this mighty infant who was ready to conquer the world in his own fabulous way from the beginning. For the next several months, Cole sang all the time. I called him my angel baby... the sweetest, most patient little angel ever to lay in my arms. He was toted around by his siblings who were found in his crib next to him EVERY Single Morning. And for Coley, that became is joy... a brother and sister who adored him as much as he craved them.
It is easy to describe Coley but the list is lengthy: hilarious. sound effects. patient. kind. obedient... always obedient. friendly. compassionate. loving. cute. spit-fire! energetic. smart. brave. eager. devoted. true. playful. He is just the right amount of determined without having to always have it his way... my ever angel baby.
The past 5 years have whizzed past like a whirl wind. Each day with Cole is an adventure. Each day a wait on pins and needles anticipating the greatness of the day with my little side-kick. It has been a blessing to have a few years with Cole all to myself for several hours each day. Selfishly I hate the thought of sharing him with the world. I realize that I have some bias-nesses flowing here... However, I wish every mum a child like Cole. He is a joy and delight Every day of my life. And I consider him a reward and blessing for signing up on the motherhood list.
Dearest Cole Bear,
It is an honor to be among those whom you entertain daily. You are a JOY through and through. I want to be the mum that melts your heart like you melt mine. I will be good for you every day like you are for me.
Thank you for choosing our home.
I wish you a life full of people like yourself. This year being the year you get to join your siblings in the world of school, I wish you a teacher who digs you as much as papa and I do and friends that eat you up like your brother and sister do.
This will be a great year... the BEST yet... because you make each day just that... and I love it!
You make my life happy.
You are my angel baby...
I love you,