Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have a Healthy Happy New Year

Happy New Year...
Make it great!
From my family to yours...

Monday, December 29, 2008

My beloved Granny Goose

This is my Granny goose....
Today, if she still graced us with her mortality, we would be slicing German chocolate cake in celebration of her 85th birthday... But today she is one of my guardian angels smiling over me from her angelic, more heavenly, state and reminding me that she is still around...
Two summers ago I ran the Ragnar Wasatch Back race (a great story about defeating parasites, dehydration and over coming sleep deprivation while fighting back tears in face of friends and family...). During that race I ran a stretch near Heber, Ut., the birthplace of my Granny. I thought I would nearly die on this particular stretch. If I weren't so proud, I really would have curled up on the side of the highway and given up the ghost.... But as I ran I looked out over green pastures full of cattle, felt the breeze (actual breeze in late June in UT) and smelled that fresh mountain air... and I heard the voice of my Granny ~ which was more like a chuckle~ and then I felt her encouragement. It was undoubtedly she who was sent as an answer to my immediate prayer to get me through this run. Though I admit that I was at hallucination stages, I know that it was not by coincidence that I heard her (in her familiar voice) retell the same stories (I had heard in my childhood) of her life growing up in "Daniels Creek" ~ which was more like "Daniels Crick"- (because a creek is a crick if you speak true Heberese...) Those stories carried me through my last 4 miles ( of 13.5) of that race... and that, my friends, is one of the gajillion reasons why I still love and often reminisce of my granny goose...
Here are 10 other reasons why I love and miss my Granny...
10) Granny took me shopping... but we never shopped much we just watched people...
9) Granny couldn't tell me no... NOT EVER! I figured this out quite young.
8) Granny was a FIRE BALL... I'd like to think I took some of her spunk with me.
7) Granny NEVER gives up on anyone... in fact, my aunt just went through the temple a few weeks ago... and A mighty fine birthday gift for Granny it was (after 40+ scary years)!
6) Granny created beautiful things... an extremely talented individual she was.
5) I miss planting Granny's flowers for her... I've yet to find one so grateful for such a small act of service. She loved flowers more than anyone I know (although Nate's mom rivals pretty good! Okay... and maybe I do too ~ but I wouldn't admit it because then you might know that part of my planting them for her was selfish!)
4) Though my mother sang to me often, Granny is the first one that I remember singing "I Am A Child Of God" to me... and I often can still hear her singing in that shaky little voice when I hear that song.
3) Granny knew Christmas like nobodies business... talk about glitter and lights!
2) Granny loved her own something fierce. She was the entire cheer leading section and never failed to show her support...
1) In great part, I am who I am because of my parents... but dad is who he is because of his... so I love my Granny for giving me not only an amazing heritage, but for the sacrifices the made to give life to my own father, whom I love and honor.
Today I know that my Granny is smiling down from heaven and that she is happy and healthy and watching over me and even sending me little reminders that I have a guardian angel who knows me well.
Though I miss her something ridiculous... I know I will see her again... and sometimes that is what it takes to fill the void that her absence has left.
I love you Granny Goose...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Christmas Child...
"There is a magic in Christmas. Hearts are opened to a new measure of kindness. Love speaks with increased power. Tensions are eased..."Of all things of heaven and earth of which we bear testimony, none is so important as our witness that Jesus, the Christmas child, condescended to come to earth from the realms of His Eternal Father, here to work among men as healer and teacher, our Great Exemplar. And further, and most important, He suffered on Calvary's cross as an atoning sacrifice for all mankind."At this time of Christmas, this season when gifts are given, let us not forget that God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life, that each of us might have the gift of eternal life" (Gordon B. Hinckley, "The Son of God," Ensign, Dec 1992, 2).

Merriest Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the season of PARTIES... celebrating the Savior's birth!

How many fabulous celebrations could one fit into the month of December? We kicked it off a primary class party, followed by a lovely ward party, then a work party, grandparents party (the greats were in town for a wedding party... so we had a party), and tonight we had the annual Grandma and Grandpa Bird family Christmas party! Wooo heee... and we still look forward to the fast approaching birthday celebration of the baby Jesus! So... Christmas Eve will find us party-ing with dear friends from Utah... and Christmas day we will join up with family again for... A PARTY!
What do all of these celebrations have in common? Party with people we love... A celebration of the babe, Jesus. It is the season to celebrate, with loved ones, His humble birth, ever so lowly, and His incredible life full of miracles performed by the very hands that were pierced, unjustifiably so for the redemption of mankind. It is a time to reflect the impact His sacrifice has on our lives and our eternal salvation. It is the season to praise and honor Him. I for one, think of the shepherds and wise men who awaited with great anticipation for the sign of his birth.... and sometimes I feel a spark of that excitement when I consider His glorious return to earth!
My children have questioned why Santa comes on the day we celebrate Jesus' birth... and since I can't come up with too great a reason, they came up with one themselves: IT is quite hilarious!
Santa wears red. His hair and beard are white. He is Happy and kind. He magically visits everyone in the world in one night. He knows what they want without even talking to his face. He gives lots of gifts. We don't really see him... but we believe he is there. They have decided that he can be real...
I feel it an atrocity to compare the pre-ordained Savior of the world to jolly old St. Nick, but I think the Almighty has a good sense of humor... and I would imagine that he found it humorous that the kids took the time to make this worldly symbolism of Christmas tie in with it's TRUE meaning. It made me smile. After this was spoken, the very next time I saw Mr. Clause... I actually had three pictures come to mind: the most familiar picture of the Savior in His red robes... our Heavenly Father and "beloved Son" appearing to Joseph Smith in the sacred grove (with His flowing white hair and beard)... and the precious baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes, laying in a manger... and for that moment, I was content with that "worldly" reminder of the true meaning of Christmas!

Peaches and Cream...

So the truth is that I (too) often hear people say that they will not have a blog because people just put things on them to show off! So, let me begin by apologizing if I seem to "show off". I tend to turn a blind eye to show offs... so I wouldn't realize it if I committed this offense! Next, I blog to remind myself of the great things that carry me through the rough times... and heaven only knows that we all have those! If I felt worthy to remind myself of a terrible, horrible, no~good, very bad, day it would be because one day I would look back and "show off" how much stronger I became from living through that awfulness... I would like my trade mark to be that I am DRAMA free! Which means that I can't focus much on drama... therefore, From here on out, I am declaring that my life is not all peaches and cream... but I sure like to reminisce of the days that it is... and remind myself that it can be. After all, I am a firm believer that Heavenly Father blessed us with all of this for the building of our happiness... And NOBODY will ever convince me otherwise.
I declare that I pride myself in only eating ALL health food and that the very moment my spirit leaves my mortal bod, that shell will rot before it gets to the morg... just because there are absolutely NO preserves in it... NOPE... ALL NATURAL! I must be the vision of health and wellness that every person on this planet covets! My skin is creamy... it is a mirror image of my inner health. My crimson squooshy lips and naturally Rosy cheeks are a dead give away of my fair and natural beauty. My fingers never swell. My stomach never bloats... and my sweat (which I do sweat~ only during my 14 mile run each morning) smells sweet like morning dew. My lifestyle is made up of PEACHES and CREAM!
But if this were not true, then maybe I have polished off about 17 batches of hot cocoa since Ms. DOMESTIC DIVA Ayalla shared her liquid love recipe with moi... especially with one of Sugar Mama's own homemade cranberry white chocolate cookie delights.... and maybe I can't lay off the cheese ball that Debbie brought over... and possibly the one that the HAHA and Handsome Hubby gifted is wearing well on my thighs. Usually, I can stop after the cheese ball and crackers are polished off... (although I ate HaHa's cheese ball off a fork, no cracker!) I typically have NO difficulty sniffing out the calories in the amazing goodies that are baked up and dropped off as Christmas cheer! But I feed most of them to my children with no problem... (HEHEhehhe....) Tonight when I got home from the family party, there were goodies ~O~ plenty greeting my arrival: bread, hip builders and chocolate covered pretzels, soup, and cookies... muffins and brownies... and they were from the kindest people: probably gifting for a family home evening activity...(which makes them taste better~) I don't quite know who to thank for some of them. I know two Willis families. They are both amazing people! One of them brought me bread, though I don't know which one... So, I thank you! And a plate of hip builders and choc pretzels, muffins and brownies... My gratitude to MS. (this is a gender related gift, hence the MS. and not MR.) anonymous! One small prob with such a delicious offering.... at my family party this evening I ate too many carbs which = the craving of more carbs. So tonight I went ahead and put the kids to bed and then I had my own tea party... and I do declare that the hip builders were spectacular! (they did their job= built up my hips) As were ALL of the choc. covered pretzels! I will save the bread for morning with my orange juice! Please don't laugh next time you see me... I am constipated and over weight, feeling fat and ever so happy! This is a continuation of why I love Christmas! (Even peache and cream are in season during the holidays!)
I had one of my favorite friends tell me (in years past) "don't bring your crap over to my house!" (meaning, Christmas treats) And though I love her dearly, I disagree something fierce with her on this topic! Bring your treats of love and kindness to me... bring hers to me too! And thank you... from the bottom of my heart! My dear friend, you will look way better in your jeans than me only until we get to heaven! That's because my life is made up peaches and cream... and in heaven, I expect nothing but peaches and cream in a celestial realm!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A juicy piece of Vit C. and randomness...

This is so random...
This morning while indulging on my breakfast of Fuji apples and winter pears, the light bulb (the one that has obviously been burned out for the past 35 years) flipped on. I was dreaming of peaches, actually... wishing for a ripe tree to drop its freshness on my watering palate at that very moment... when I began to add up the reason for "seasonal" fruits and veggies. When my random thoughts finally landed, this is what I had come up with...
summer fruits are typically high in "antioxidants" much needed for fighting free-radicals. (SUNBURN= cancer! YIKES!!) Autumns fruits and veggies last a long time... some of them well into the winter. Winter fruits are full of vit C to fight influenza.
Boy... it only took me a lifetime to think that up. I'm so grateful for a kind and wise Father in Heaven who created everything for our benefit. Everything in it's season. And I'm certain it didn't take him a lifetime to figure out which season we would need which fruit and veg...
By that time I had almost finished off my pear. I was baring my testimony of fruit to Cole, trying to convince him that he would feel like a king if he would just partake... oatmeal is more his style... (with brown sugar and powder sugar and white sugar and honey on top) As I finished the last juicy bite, I decided I really like pears. And then I packed up and headed off to buy some orchard fresh oranges for lunch... and I smiled all day!
Random... I know.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The talent I vicariously posess through my daughter

Bailey and Kaitlynn
As a youngen' my mother MADE me play the piano. I absolutely HATED (strong usage please!) getting up in the morning to practice. At a younger age, it was only 30 minutes... every morning at 6:00 a.m. My mother was the piano NAZI... she wouldn't just get me up, she would walk me to the piano and then SIT next to me while I practiced. Who does that? I vividly remember it so much so that I can recall her rubbing her sleepy eyes and they sounded like marbles banging together! At 6:00 a.m. EVERYTHING bugs you... unless you're running or feeding a baby! And I was bugged. I wanted to sleep until the sunshine kissed me awake. But even more, I wanted so badly to play the violin like my ballerina sister, Rosie... But the piano was mine with a promise that "you'll thank me one day". And that day did come. And I am truly grateful for those hours of practice... but I wasn't in my more naive years! Never-the-less, my wish to fiddle never faded. When Bailey began showing interest in a violin my heart lept!
Today we enjoyed her first orchestra concert! It was combined with the band and choir. (Crazy, somehow I managed to talk my mom into letting me play the flute along with the piano, but not the violin. Now that I think about it, I'll have to rehash that conversation with mum to figure out the reason... Where was I... ) I came to a quick realization after listening to the "beginner" band that the strings are WWAAAYYY more my type! The melody of angels... And I feel complete.
Dear Sweet Buns,
Thanks for your interest in my dreams come true.
Love you,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good "tithings" we bring...

My offering...

Merry Christmas!

One year older and wiser too!

When dad's number was drawn for "his turn on earth", mom rigged it so that hers was shortly behind... 11 days to be exact! And so the winter of 1946 was doubly blessed!
Where do you find words to describe your mother? I don't know that there is a proper tribute to the one who, in the most literal sense, gave me life; an opportunity to prove myself and take one step closer to my eternal destiny.
My mom doesn't give herself the credit she deserves... not unlike most women! (After all, a mother is partnering with the Almighty when bringing His spirits into the world.) I believe that men know how to love, but it is the love of a mother (in my humble opinion) that is more God like in nature than any other love.
One Sunday as I sat in Young Womens Sister Heywood (who was more like Ms. Crum at the time) was sharing gratitude for her own mother by reminiscing of times when her mom held her hair back during a spewing session... and though we were all laughing, I went home that day thinking about all the times my mom sat knee deep in "puke" with me. Not just any puke... but that projectile back talk puke, the messy house vomit (which looks like the toy department just barfed all over the front room), the spewing of endless whining during the dinner hour, or the tireless efforts that seem to regurgitate "un-noticed"! Then I realized something... she never shirked that responsibility to another. Puke or perfume... Mom has always been there for me. Thick and Thin... good or bad... laughter and tears. So here are my top ten reasons that I love mom...
10) She is funny
9) She is amazingly talented and crafty
8) She is prompt (and ever so patient to those of us who are not)
7) She is dependable. If mom says she is going to do it... She IS GOING TO DO IT!
6) She is going to make dad dinner... (so if you are shopping and 4:00 chimes... spree is OVER... Dad does NOT go without dinner... nor does he even have to dish it up! Sorry Nate, I did not take this quality with me.)
5) She serves ALL THE TIME! Its a daily ritual. And I am often the recipient... Thank You!
4) She is giving. Mom will undoubtedly die a poverty stricken woman and consider herself Wealthy... She is more like the "little stream" than any one I know, although dad rivals pretty good.
3) She loves her "grands" something fierce... and they know it!
4) She has a gajillion friends. Most of them think they are the "best" friend.... and they probably are, but they aren't the only one!
2) She is passionate about the gospel. She is an avid student of the scriptures and pours over them every day. It is an amazing example and one quality that I want to emulate.
1) She isn't shy about telling her family she loves us... whether in words or deeds, it is undeniable. We are all blessed to have her. The more time we are granted, the better we are. She is my friend.
So dear mother... I wish for you this year to see a glimpse of your goodness... (even a glimpse will astound you...) and a portion of my gratitude for all you do... (for even a portion will carry you throughout the rest of your life...) and health to keep you doing all the things that you love the most. Make 62 magical.
I love you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Je vous remercie de tout coeur, Sir Alexander Fleming

Dearest Sir Fleming,
It is with much gratitude that I write this note. You see, last week my little Bailey was in bed with Streptococcal pharyngitis . Since it wasn't fun enough to do one round, we decided to bread that strep throughout the week (via cohabitant toothbrushes...) and so now the boys are enjoying their turn! Quite frankly, they can't stand being sick! In fact, usually we don't even know Cole is growing strep until it turns into Scarlatina... but this time we had him checked out by our favorite "DOC" since all the other monkeys were sick. What do you know, that little strep bug set up house in his throat too! McKay on the other hand is going to DRIVE his wife bananas with the "man cold". He absolutely does not deal with discomfort in any fashion! If it doesn't meet his immediate desire, he is like a caged cat... "WHAT? I can't play with my friends?... I'm sooooooooooooo bored!" (sniffle sniffle...) So after one dosage of pink bubble gum (thank you for flavoring it sooo beautifully) Amoxicillan that dreaded pain lodged in the rear of their little throats had dissipated... It is a wonder! A genius! A God send! Thank you. Thank you for your fascination with chemistry... Our lives are forever changed.
a mother who sleeps better at night.
p.s. if you are interested in giving strep throat a whirl... please bring you toothbrush to my house or share your drink with Cole... (he is willing to drink off of any cup so long as there is fluid inside.)... Our gift to Winter.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pizza and cookie and Crafts, OH MY!

How do you throw a party for a primary class of 5 year olds?
I'll tell you... You call my mom and Bailey and they "get 'er done"!
Food By Sister Mecham... (which only Sister Mecham and Sister Bird ate...)
But I wanted it documented that I did offer something without preservatives and hydroginated oils in it... THIS was FRESH!
Main course by Barrows (a HIT!)

Happy eaters! These little people are a DREAM!

For our class Christmas party we had dinner, decorated sugar cookies and made a Christmas tree ornament (how original)... Then we caroled at Sister Allen's house ~"Rudolph the Red nosed Raindeer".. and left a treat! After all... the very best part of Christmas time is the presents you give away!

Then a visitor came... He reminded the CTR 5 class that the star on the top of the tree is to remind them about the "first star" that shown over Bethlahem announcing the Savior's birth.

And then he asked them what they wanted for Christmas.

Bubba here mad it clear, from the start that, "I am shy". .. so it took a minute to warm up to old Clause... but he wants a dinosaur.

And this amazing child... he will not be speaking to St. Nick... Not today... I don't think EVER! But he does have a request for Max to pass along... He'll take some game cube games... and a wii. (but Santa told him those are hard to make, just in case.)

Mr. Max... he had a list, a mile long... I don't remember all of it. However, he IS going to have Christmas... and he even put in a good word for Keller. Mr. Max...
He is more like 10 than he is 5!
All lovely princess girls want a barbie! And Kate is no exception. She would like to talk to Santa, but she will not be sitting on his lap. Santa made a deal with her... He asked her to vacuum 3 times for her mother prior to Christmas eve... One small prob, "I'm not allowed to vacuum yet."! I LOVE LITTLE PEOPLE! So Kate is going to pick 3 things that she can do for her mom before Christmas all on her own. And I think she will keep her end of the bargain! Because that is Kate for you.

Ellie bug wants a doll. She is prepping to be the re-make of her own lovely mother (5 kids in tow). "Ellie, do you want to just stand by Santa to talk?" ~ "No, I'll sit on his lap."
Ellie has a plan. She is going to sleep under her Christmas tree and see Santa on Christmas Eve.
A whole year of Sundays with these darling little people makes for a beautiful year to remember! They say the funniest things... share the best stories (some of which are confidential under the "I heard it during primary sharing time" claus) and say the most sincere prayers ever offered!
Merry Christmas CTR 5 class. You shine!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet the rest of the Fam...

This is little Roadrunner. She is mighty skittish! This Brown leghorn beauty can hide from the best of us... She sleeps WAAAY up in the top of our mulberry tree. Roadrunner is McKay's favorite chicken.This princess is Hardy. She has some sleep disorder? She sleeps with Roadrunner in the top of the Mulberry tree. (at least until our coop pent house suit is finished) The other night I heard an awful chicken cry (about 9:30 p.m.). now... These girls pride themselves in "EARLY to bed..." (around 5:00 p.m.).... So 9:30 was definitely OUT OF CHARACTER! You'll never believe it.... She FELL out of bed! She hasn't been quite the same since. But seriously... if you fell out of her bed, you'd experience insomnia (trauma related) yourself. Poor girl!
This is old lady Brittney. (named after the Brittney Spears, herself.) She is not actually OLD... but she looks old. She has a lump in her breast. No joking here. I can't confirm that it is a tuma, YET! (Dr. Davis told me he would do a little exploratory surgery on her, but he doesn't know the proper dosage of anesthesia so I won't let him do it.) I have a hunch that the lump is a result of her past DRUG usage. (she has been known to use oleander... and it's seriously a harmful addiction to animals~) So... the coop will be a haven for this little lady when it's done... though I'm not sure what she will think of only eating fresh veggie peels and chicken feed. Who would have known that as a little chickly that the name Brittney would fit her so well?!
She is so friendly and prides herself in a good game of "fetch" with the boys.

Meet Princess Buttercup. The kids re-named her (it was Pamela... Anderson~) This little beauty really is a princess. She is quite the social butterfly. Not as social as Brittney, but she is definitely amiable... And ever SOOO beautiful!

Meet Bionce. She is my favorite! MAJESTIC little angel. And she is the only obedient chicken who never flew over my wall to feed in greener pastures. (never mind that she is too fat to fly). Bionce actually gets embarrassed when she molts. I think she knows that she looks bad, so she hides until her feathers are back to their bodacious style. I love this lady!

We had high expectations of our barred rock (Oreo) and an arcana (Eagle)that we adopted this past spring. However, the backyard confinement was too much for them and they were always in the front yard. Before a weekend trip, we clipped their wings, hoping to keep them in the rear. How-so-ever, They both found a way to get over the wall to the front... they never left the front yard, mind you. But somebody let their mean dogs loose and so Eagle and Oreo were made into bath toys. Eagle, who looked powerful and most intimidating, turned out to be the first one to go. Bless her. And Oreo couldn't stand it and committed suicide on Stapely road. We found her in the gutter. Terrible, actually. Considering that they couldn't fly back over the wall because their wings had been clipped kinda makes me feel a little responsible! Rest in peace little ones.
However, yesterday a neighbor abandoned (with my permsission, of course) two arcana's at our house. They don't love the other chickens yet. The pecking order is a little mixed up right now. Bionce was sure that she was "the one"... and we're finding out that our little transient believes that "SHE" is the ONLY ONE! I'll keep you posted when they get their squabbles all figured out... Until then, go ahead and try to find yourself a pet with Half as much personality as these little ladies have. and.. Good luck!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tradition... #1

As all families do, the Mecham's have a little Christmas family tradition of our own. It goes something like this...
At Christmas we draw a name out of a hat (shhhh... it's a secret!). Then for the month of December we do a service (actually, anything to make that person happy flies... including artwork, notes, etc!) for that somebody. The goal is to keep yourself a secret Santa! (easier said than done... for some of us!)

So... today, my little Santa dusted 4 months of dirt off of my dresser and arranged my sloppy piles to look a little more organized. Then that little secret person left me this lovely note...

And then because my secret Santa is more like an angel, (he/she?) put away all of my make-up and wiped down my bathroom counter!
Well... I know one thing for certain... It's not Coley. I know because he called Nate at work today to tell him that McKay sqooshed his finger in the door... And between sobs he managed to whisper into the phone, "dad, you're my secret Santa! don't tell anyone." And Nate didn't mean to tell me... he just thought it was sooo funny that he couldn't help himself. So that is a secret too!
Oh ya baby... This is SOOO FUN!
Did I mention that I LOVE CHRISTMAS?!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sick as a Bug...

This is Bailey Bug... Boy is she sick!
Bailey bug started acting a little sick yesterday when, instead of zipping around doing chores, she lied on the couch, feet elevated, begging (in a full tonsil voice) for a drink and some tissue.
Po Bailey!
So today, we ditched church and called Dr. Davis, who came for a house call... (he's like Doc from Little House on the Prairie, but WAAAY better looking!) and after asking Bai to open her mouth he proclaimed, "WOW"! (I'm still unclear if it was from the Strep throat breath, or the sight of GIGANTIC red and pussy tonsils.)
He gave her the Rx of dreams... Pink bubble gum medicine (I'm jealous! Still like to eat it...) for 2 weeks. Drink lots of water. NO school for 2 days! (T.V. here we come!) and sleep in!
So tonight for dinner we all ate Chicken Noodle soup with Bailey.
Get better soon, little bug...

My Favorite Things... for sure!

Thanks to radio stations that love to play the song, "My favorite things" (in nearly every store that I Christmas shopped in yesterday~ no joke... at least 15 times), I have now been singing it oveR and ovER and oVER and OVER! SO... I decided to try the tune to a few of my own Favs... Please sing along...perfume and lotion and long runs when raining

gerb Daiseys and lilies and cold air condit'ning

Jewelry and White teeth that sparkle like bling
These are a few of my favorite things.

Tillamook cheddar and soft emerald grass

snow in the mountain and majestic giraffes

Utah mint truffles, Red, yellow and pink
These are the things that I love, YES! I think...

When mean kids strike! Toilets dirty! When I'm feeling FAT!
I simply remember my Favorite things...
then I fell great! Just like that.
Glitter, nail polish and clean indoor plumbing
New summer peaches to eat every morning.

Family and Friends are some of my blessings
These add to the list of my Favorite things

When there's fighting! (yikes!) Flowers wilting! or I step in Chicken Crap,
I try to remember my favorite things so I don't get stuck in a GLOOMY trap!
Garden fresh veggies and long hours of swimming,

Kangan water and Mormon Tab listn'ing

Laughter and kisses and baked yams to eat
These are a few things I think are real neat!

Reading, good music and smelly pine candles,
Fresh paint, the ocean and feather pillows
Autumn leaves painting the October trees
These are some things that make me feel Happy!
So does Freedom! So do babies! So do love stories!
I've simply been gifted a zillion blessings
A Full life to live... with my Favorite things!
Thank you... Thank you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 62 years Birthday BOY!

This is the Birthday boy. Born Dec. 4, B.C.
Happy 62 Senior (citizen, that is!)
Grandpa muggen' on Baby Zane. It is one of Gramp's specialties...

Grandma is the other (specialty~ that is)


Grandpa couldn't resist this beautiful child (isn't he?) and so he gave him one of his favorite cowboy hats. McKay will treasure it always, knowing a real (wanna-be) cowboy wore it and loved it...

When I grow up I wanna be just like you!

62 years ago... on a chilly winter day... the world ~as we know it~ was made better... because my dad was born! He was an amazingly beautiful baby and Grandma always said, "he was perfect" and "he was potty trained by the time he was 1!" Bless him. Of course I don't remember much from an angelic state, watching over him and making sure my turn on earth wasn't at all disrupted, but the stories are endless even in his beloved mother's absence.

Dad is an amazing ball player. He could have been pro (if not for a mission) and Grandma always said that he grew up on the ball field. He was raised by a baseball? One of my favorite stories about the ball fields was that one when his buddies and him all decided to try chewing tobacco. They talked one of the "lesser" genius boys into going first. He chewed. He puked. None of the rest of the kids ever tried the stuff. I love that! I was always proud to watch my dad hit the ball over the ball park fence in church ball and then run the bases like he might get out (even though the ball wasn't coming back!) I know he was showing off for me! And I was PROUD of it! I vowed to marry a ball player. (although I've never seen Nate hit the ball over the fence... he still loves the game. So that counts.) When I was little I would play out scenarios with my dad. Usually things that would NEVER happen, making it easy to answer! For example: "If you got tickets to the 7th game (of your home team) in the world series but it was on Sunday, would you go?" At the time we lived in UTAH (there is no pro baseball team there~ unless you consider church ball pro... which most ELDERS do...~ or the Buzz??). My dad answered, "No. My mom told me 'No baseball on Sunday'. So I wouldn't go." Years later we were standing in the hall at church and guess who was offered tickets to the 7th game of the world series... D backs vs NY Yankees (NOVEMBER BALL) ? My dad. And though I would have never held it over his head, he didn't even bat an eye... He passed them up~ but I think he secretly went into the nursing lounge and cried after that. At least I did! (Don't worry, My most righteous husband scored on his loss! Bless his heart.)

Dad has worked in the temple for as long as I can remember. Countless times we have WAITED for him to get home so we could go somewhere because he takes the job so darn serious and can't miss a day! Serious! And from that I have learned so many things... like... EVERY old man temple worker has diabetes and he treats it homeopathically with cinnamon and Cayenne pepper. They also have other "Unmentionable" bodily oddities and they treat those with Cayenne pepper, chili powder, ginko bible (something like that) and St. John's wart. Not only that, but roast and biscuits and gravy taste better at the temple than any where else. The basement restrooms stink like rotten eggs early in the morning, and white jumpsuits are not for everyone. And people actually try to sneak past the front desk men. Go figure? Dude... get a recommend! I must thank him for putting my name on the prayer roll every week for the past 20 years. DEDICATION from him for the much needed help in my behalf! My dad LOVES his calling at the temple. And I love to see him when I go inside.

WORKER GUY! Dad owns his own little copier and business machine business. Sun Country Technologies. He is a one man show. SMALL but MIGHTY! He worked for years for crooked, ladder climbing and secretly disgusting people until his work ethic and morals got to him and he branched off on his own. What would it take to get up and going each day if you had NOBODY to be accountable to? Well, accountable to his customers... but now days you can do everything with a mobile phone! Let me tell you... it takes a passion and devotion for one little lady waiting at home. Dad works his booty off to provide a good life for family... but mostly for mom. He loves her with complete devotion and obvious dedication.

Growing up with a dad like this created that CINDERELLA effect on us kids. (you know: grow up, marry prince charming, live HAPPILY EVER AFTER...) We thought all men were like him. So it has been an eye- opener (to say the least) to find that not to be the case ~ ( I would never publicly admit that this might not be the case for the first 10 years of my own marriage... couldn't be!) whether in the life of close friends or other family members~ SHOCKING actually! You mean trial is real?! You have to work at marriage?! Dad always made mom comfy first (as comfy as you can be with 6 hoo raws controlling the homestead) but made us think we were the ones! And we were the ones in deed! The ones who.... (take your pick!) Mom frequented the bathtub with coke and popcorn and a television next to the sink... Door locked. Death to anyone who went within speaking distance. And then dad would haul all 6 of us to Macey's (the local grocers) for a station wagon load of food... NO GUM! (unless we promised not to tell mom) JUST good for the body, healthy food. (no donuts from the bakery either~ unless we in hailed them before we arrived in the driveway).

This story continues. It goes on for 35 years of my life, and additional 27 years of his... The memories I have are pretty amazing. I hope that when my kids are 35 they are able to recall something... anything... exceptional about me. If there is but one who has touched my life for good more than any other, I would have to credit my dear old dad. As I get older I see my friends parents age and even some of them step on to greener pastures. To think of this inevitable event makes me more grateful for the time I am gifted in mortality with my dad. So each one of his birthdays are special to me because it means one more magical year with him in my life has passed. This past year he coached McKay's ball team. And I'm telling you... it was MAGICAL! I hope I have a whole life ahead of me with him in it.

Happiest Birthday dear dad... I wish you most happiness, the best year to come, MANY more+ one to grow on, and endless JOY! I love you.