Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner delight

As you well know, years ago President Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of November a national day of Thanksgiving. We will be forever indebted to such a grand idea! It is creeping up on us in just one week. So as you prepare for the yearly feast, I have shared some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes here to say thanks for being my friends! I'll try to get all of them up this week.... even though I've got a good start already!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy as a beaver

I swear that every time somebody comes to visit there is laundry on my couch. No kidding! And even sometimes those visitors are scheduled visits. Like one of the gajillion times when my visiting teachers (who remain the cleanest people on the planet) came over and had to push underwares aside to find a place to put their buns.... that was awesome! Or another time when they came over and I was getting dressed so the kids let them in to sit on the cushionless couches; just springs and linen. That was even more spectacular! My all time favorites are when a visitor from far off lands is just passing through town so he comes to visit ~ unexpected... but still most welcomed ~ right into my seriously disastrous house! Scary!!! To think that they only see me once in years and they have to remember that my trashed house was their welcome post... YEE HAW! I shutter at those events.
My advise to anyone who doesn't believe that my house is ever clean... I invite you to visit at 11:00 p.m.... right after Mr. Mecham has finished up the dinner dishes and cleaned my kitchen and I have finally put the last of the laundry away! Somewhere between 11 p.m and 8:00 a.m. the messy fairy whirls through my house leaving loads of dishes and piles of laundry. Go figure?! I swear the messy fairy is more alive than Santa Clause. Don't test my truth... it's not worth it!
But today I have been busy as a beaver... and so if you come over in the next 25 minutes you will see a clean house! In the middle of the day, no less. And you might believe that I do something besides sit around reading books. (which is what I want to do!) Just don't expect me to be ready for the day... because I'm not! And my goal now is to get in the shower and make up on before Mi Amore gets home. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I took a Tibetan personality test... so should you!

This picture is proof of my childhood... since my children think I've always been a mom... and a look back to days when I may have looked more like my Bailey.
My super cute and ever talented friend at happily ever after (by invite only... so sorry!!!) invited me to take the Tibetan personality test. It was oh so fun! I thank you Lady Gale for such an activity... You are marvelous! And besides, the Dalai Lama suggested I do it and I could not disappoint.... If I passed it along to as many friends as my favorite number (which is 3) then the wish that I made will come true on my favorite day of the week... which means that Sunday will be a lovely day for me. Crunchy Granola once told me that those things don't work... but I'm certain that Sunday will show her intelligence to be misunderstood!

The Tibetan people must know a lot! Really! And the Dalai Lama is very primitive indeed... My whole personality was described by a few short questions... They go like this:

Put these animals in order from most favorite to least favorite.

*Horse * Cow * Pig * Sheep * Tiger*

Describe these nouns in one word:

*Dog * Cat * Rat * Coffee * Sea *

Who is the one person that reminds you most of these colors?

* Yellow * orange * Red * White * Green *

Now pick your favorite number and day of the week and


Results came in... some of the astonishing... while others made me think the Dalai Lama needs to go back to Chrystal ball school... YIKES!

My real most favorite animal is a giraffe. I would own one if I could. Then an elephant! And after that, I really like my chicken, Jasmine. She is so tiny and fluffy! If Nate would let her in the house I would potty train her and keep her right by my side... But in the order of the animals that was presented I chose these... which Dalai says are symbolic of the order of importance of those things in my life:

horse~ Family

Sheep ~ Love

Tiger~ Pride

Cow~ Career

Pig~ money

Almost! I almost put tiger first! WHooeee... How would that feel?! Having the Dalai suggest that I was full of pride instead of only 1/2 full of pride? I did wonder if I really liked my career more than money? I always thought it would be coolest to just inherit a bajillion dollars and then secretly pay off mortgages and take extravagant vacations with my wee ones... and then live in a far off place serving a very long mission with Brother Mecham! But if the Dalai said....

Next... My description in one word:

Dog = friend. (I had one once... Murphey... a cocapoo... He died in a heroic effort to save the family homestead from the ferocious squirrel that had set up house somewhere underneath that house foundation.... the vet said it was heat exhaustion after a viscous chase all around the property. I cried. He was my friend.)

Cat = Nuisance. (for all cat lovers... I apologize. I've tried to love cats. But on my side of the tracks they are typically wild cats and they just poop all over my children's playground and make loud noises while mating in the flower beds out front... under my window... all night long!)


Coffee = smells good! Though I am not a drinker of coffee, I sure love the smell. When I grocery shop at Sprouts I always take a long walk down the coffee bean isle for reasons of pure aromatic delight. And Mr. Mecham and I brew it in the mornings when we stay in fancy hotels.

Sea = Beautiful. It just is! I'm speaking of "the great deep" not the great lakes... However, I do think the great lakes are magnificent also. But if the "sea" is talking about the great deep than I have two words... but the Dalai Lama only asked for one 1) Beautiful (2) Powerful. I love it for both reasons. Years ago Mi Amore and I moved to Florida and lived only minutes from the Gulf of Mexico to the West and a short distance from the Atlantic on the East. I fell in love with those oceans. IN LOVE! And when I moved I vowed to take them with me... and so when I close my eyes and think really hard I can trick my brain into hearing that beautiful sound that those powerful waves make... and I run my toes through the powdery white sand... and I sometimes even dig for sea shells while the warm sun kisses my face... and if I try hard enough I can even smell that salty sea air. The Sea has an amazing hold on ones soul.

Well... the Tibetan personality test said that my description of those nouns also had symbolic meaning. What I was actually describing was not those nouns at all... it was my deepest most inner feelings of something else. So to recap...

My description of the:

Dog (friend) was really how I felt about myself. Ha! You don't think? Just ask the rat!

Cat (nuisance) was actually how I felt about my spouse. HAHAHA! NEVER NOT EVER...

Rat (pest) was truly how I felt about my enemies. But how could that be if I am the dog?

Coffee (smells good) was how I felt about sex. - Which I do have a comment about... though I don't publicly discuss that topic on my blog very often ~ ever... I have always thought it would be cool to be Dr. Ruth for 5 minutes and I've often thought how one would describe such an event as sex in one word (or phrase). Now I know... It smells good! Dr. Ruth has nothing over me!!!

Sea (beautiful) was how I felt about my own life. ~ which is, in fact, pretty true. Life is beautiful. It is a statement of God's love for us every single day... and a constant reminder that our Creator is most generous and kind... and how is that not beautiful.... or powerful for that matter?!

Name the first person that comes to mind with these color:

Yellow- My mum (she and I share a favorite for that bright sunny color)

Orange- Coley Wooley (because he loves it with all his heart)

Red- my little McKay (has a red personality... spunky and determined... with a drive to win that is scary sometimes! But he hides it under shades of blue)

White- Bailey (she was a toe head... white hair as a toddler... and it looked so cute in piggies against her Florida tanned epidermis)

Green- Mr. Mecham (his eyes sometimes pull green hues that are super dreamy)

and what does that mean?

Yellow (mum) is someone I will never forget. Well dah! How the heck could I? The woman who gave me life...

Orange (Cole) is a true friend. Indeed he is. He tells me he loves me in record numbers each day. At least 30 X per hour... and never fails to thank me for something.

Red (McKay) is somebody I really love. Yep! That is true. I used to wonder how I could love somebody so much...

White (Bailey) is my twin soul. That Dalai lama is right! She does look exactly like I did as a child. And sometimes I think that the spit fire within her will cause me to explode! I try to blame it on her father but really I know that it is because she inherited that D.N.A. from her mother. Bless her heart. That same fire fuels her to get things done. Something that will take her far... and bless the lives of her children.

Green (Nate) is somebody I will remember the rest of my life. He is unforgettable... In every way! I thought I was in love a few times before him... but I've come to realize that he is my one and only truest love... I think we were were soul mates... and how does one ever forget that? I promise I will forever and ever remember my Nate.

Boy Howdy... Now you know me through and through... Thank you Dalai Lama!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

end of the week and month simultaneous

Couldn't help but revise my week in review... It wasn't quite over! Here are a few traditions that I look forward to every Halloween...
Sick and Tired's Halloween costume party. It is (NO KIDDING) SPOOKTACULAR! The best part is that if you come you must dress up! No party poopers!!!

Bailey won "most original" for her pipi long stockings costume.

Kati won "best female costume"! Nate won "best male costume"... two years in a row, I might add...
Grandma Chrissy and Grandpa Konks have a Halloween party every year for the grands. It is the favorite party of the year for my trick-or-treaters! A real treat indeed...
It is grandma's way of seeing all her favorites in costume and deliver festive treats!
We eat yummy soup
we frost scary spider cakes
we catch spooky ghosts
We throw sticky eyeballs on witches
we play candy corn toss
and break pinatas

and then we go trick-or-treating with our cousins...

with BIG smiles lasting all night!!!

Happy Halloween!