Friday, February 20, 2009

I hate the smell of ketchup...

Some things just stink... Like the obvious; dog food, ponds in the hot summer, and old yard clippings that have sat in the green barrels for too long. In years past while experiencing pregnancy, I really thought that the smell of meat cooking (let alone the taste~ YUCK!) would do me in. And little sweaty boys belong in a shower for rinsing and then a bubble bath for aromatic tolerance purposes. But my story really isn't about that...
Last night while I was enjoying some good R.E.M. sleep (after all it was 12:35 a.m.) I was startled by my very own door bell... ringing away! Never thinking clearly at such an hour, I peeped at my clock and then urgently ran to my front door... whizzed it open... and was winded by the smell of ketchup. The midnight Ketchup ghost visited my house. And clearly I was chosen for a funny prank on a Thursday late night. (who does pranks on Thursday night? Seriously...)
In my delirium, I was unable to identify the connection between my door bell ringing and the stench of ketchup. In fact, I didn't even think about the rest of the night! I was too busy searching for Mckay's b.b. gun and peepen' out my window...
Around 1:10 a.m. I witnessed some seriously funny humor... The young ladies (light use of word) 3 houses down, (to the north of mine) tip-toes across their front lawn (giggling) in the street light (ssooooo sneaky) towards their next victim! The funniest thing I saw all night was one of them do the "pee dance"! She even tried to hold it in with her hand! (Which is fine if your all alone!) After all, doesn't everyone suddenly have to urinate as soon as you begin a good game of hide and seek! It almost made me have to go myself! The more athletic of the two crawled towards the neighbors door and stretched her little pointer out... and I believe that I was laughing out loud when she and her mischievous friend took off running towards their hide out. Their hair was waggen', their legs moving as fast as they could go... (it was obviously the most exercise they had gotten since their last prank) and I began to remember years ago enjoying a good laugh at the expense of somebody else's sleep. And for some sick reason, I began enjoying what I saw!
This morning, however, little Coley stepped outside to enjoy some fresh air when he realized that he was standing in ketchup. A whole puddle on my door step... to go along with the spots all down my walk way making it seem as though somebody were profusely bleeding to death all the way to the road. Gross! And I guess if my olfactory nerve were on sabbatical then I might have actually thought that somebody did have a silent injury in my door way just before they ran off! But unfortunately, Cole and I had to smell the leftover fumes of hours old ketchup when we opened up the door. And it wasn't easy to clean up!
So tonight, in honor of my freshly scrubbed, clean walk way and front porch, I'm inviting the lovely ladies 3 houses down to the north of mine to come to and celebrate. We are having hot dogs (which they can bring because I hate hot dogs... though my children love them~ because they've never barfed one up) and I'll be providing the ketchup... since they are undoubtedly out at their house.

Come by if you'd like!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To my very own Sweetheart...

We have a love story. (It did not start on the internet!) It is kinda funny though!

Nate was the Elders Quorum President in our student ward at Utah State University. I had recently been asked to teach the Gospel Doctorine class which I did accept that call, however, "I was going home for Christmas and so I wouldn't be able to teach until the first Sunday in February." So as the story goes... I did go home for Christmas, but my roomy (the lovely Sarah) and I came back early so we were there on that first Sunday in January. But... I had already told them I wouldn't be back to teach until February! So I didn't get a lesson. So Sunday came and the Relief Society didn't have a lesson. So we joined the Elders Quarum!

Guess who was teaching? Mr. Nate!

And guess what he was wearing? Cowboy boots, tan wranglers and a red sweater! (you can wear that to church if you live in Northern Ut. or Idaho!)

And you better believe that I was caught... HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! He was soooo dreamy up there teaching the entire ward my gospel doctorine lesson!

But the story gets better... That same day in Sacrament meeting he was passing the sacrament and wrote a little note to his buddy who claimed to be my home teacher! (everybody was my hometeacher once Miss Rodeo America moved into my apartment! We never were home taught so many times in one month!!)

To which his buddy replied, "I'll find out for you!" (wait... he was my home teacher!)

And so a few days later Nate (the great) called me on the phone.

Becky: Hello
Nate: Hello Becky, It's Nate Mecham from your ward.

Becky: Oh Hi! Ya, I recognize your voice.

Nate: Silent... after all, we'd never talked before.

nate: um Do you want to go to the basketball game on Friday?

Becky: Sure.

Nate: I'll pick you up at 6:30. You are in Apt. 21 right?

Becky: See you then!

And so we went to the ball game and then to Papa Kelsies and Henry for a sandwich. And for the next several weeks I was encouraged by all the women that had serious HOTS for Nate that said wonderful things like..."it takes him a long time to kiss any girls" or "Nate doesn't take many girls out on dates more than just a few times" and "I'd take any of those American Fork Boys"...
Nate made more girls a "true Aggie" than I care to know about... So by the time I came along, there were a few who already thought that SHE WAS THE ONE!
But who cared that early on! If Nate didn't work out for me, I was prepared to hit on one of his ever so delicious room mates...
The funniest part is that we lived in the same apartment complex for 2 years but had never run into each other! Even better, once I figured out where he lived, I could see his bedroom window from my frontroom window... So a bought a good pair of binoculars!
Fast forward one year and 3 months... several HOT dates to the campus library, and a few trips together... to the night we were engaged. It was after finals. March 18, 1997 (my parent's wedding anniversary). Nate took me for a ride. We stopped and looked at a fire hydrant for 10 minutes. When we stopped we were on a road in the middle of a field and when Nate passed it he stopped and actually reversed the car to shine the lights on it. When he said, "look at that", I was in search for a porcupine or moose or something worthy of backing up to see... I was looken'. Boy howdy! And wouldn't you know that I was ready to pretend that I was seeing exactly what he saw when he asked, "where do you think they get the water piped for that?" Which truely confused me... after all, how much water does a moose drink? Then I realized that we were undressing a fire hydrant. I was completely blinded by love. It has been romance since. Then we traveled to the "look out" over Cache Valley and stepped out into the coldest wind I ever felt ...sent a chill into my bone marrow...

Three months later we were married on Flag day.

This, of course, just began my personal favorite love story. But it continues daily around here. Nate may not be perfect... but he's perfect for me. And I can't imagine life without him.

So a few days late... Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet heart!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Completely technologically Clueless

Dear Abby,
I really felt as though I was completely "up" on modern day technology! I mean WOWZERS!!! I got a cell phone two summers ago (so that while I was in Utah vacationing for 6 weeks I could communicate with Mi Amore). And it is quite impressive, if I do say so myself, how I move around like a ball room dancer in my google account! Then this past year I even became familiar with blogs!... (prior to "I read NIE" I thought blogs were a great place to find a recipe!) and then I even learned how to post on them... and how to add a picture! I'm feeling pretty cool!
Recently, however, I have taken quite a bit of bullying from the more technologically savvy younger crowd about how I don't know how to text on my phone. And when they started talky talky about face book... well... That is when I checked into foreign territory all together! But nothing can be foreign forever...
As I skipped around in my g-mail last night I opened one from my lovely youngest sister (T-bird) who was apparently inviting me to be a guest on her face book. (does that make sense?) And I make it a point to never say no to an invite from the baby of my family. (We Birds flock over the wee ones like they never aged past 6) And so I went about my way following directions on how to sign up on face book so that I could be T-bird's friend. I'm pretty sure I signed up! However, I still don't think that I accepted to be her friend. But more fascinating than the fact that I can't figure out how to say "yes, I'll be your friend on face book" this afternoon when I opened up my comfy little g-mail account I had 62 Face book emails waiting for me to read! I think it must have something to do with me clicking on several names of people I know when I signed up?? But I don't know what the heck to do about it now! In fact, I've been laughing about it since... I invited everyone I know, love, hate, appropriate or inappropriate to be "my friend" on face book... Anyone that the computer asked if I knew I clicked! but poor T-bird... I'm still not "her friend". What do I do now?
Completely Technologically Clueless

Monday, February 9, 2009

It makes my butt look big...

I had late meetings at church today... So my family drove the car post haste I attended to my duties with a heart full of song... and then decided to walk the few short blocks to my house once they had adjourned. It was sunny outside and so clean after the beauty rain storm which graced us today. I had my 50 lb green church bag full of binders and books (bumping up and down off my hip) hung over one shoulder and my black scripture bag and closed up pola dot umbrella hanging off the other. I think I might have even had a little zip in my walk since there was a slight breeze! About half way home Mr. White pulled up along side of me and his darling daughter, Sydnee, motioned for me to come over with her pointer finger. She, looking down and most rosy in the cheeks said, "sister Mecham". And as I turned a little to move my bag out of the way, I realized that my dress was tucked so perfectly up over my butt. Yes... I did say, MY BUTT! As in, it was completely exposed! After all... my dress wasn't covering it at all! So I screamed and quickly pulled it back down where it was intended to be just in time to see Kylee in the back seat of their white sequoia poke her head up and then lie back down in laughter! And as they quickly drove away I proclaimed, "you are my friend". Because she really is! And her poor father! Dreadful, I think... that he had to see my hind parts squooshed into my black pantyhose briskly walking home with my bumping bag...
And as I dung the bell in request of refuge at my front door, My lovely husband opened it and the first words out of his mouth were, "you look hot"! To which I confidently replied... "you have no idea!"
To anyone else who may have viewed this sight as they left their meetings, I extend my sincere apology. I realize it is one quick way to drive the spirit of church out of your life quickly. Further, You will not have to see me in that little black dress ever again... It makes my butt look big!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How do I love you... let me count the ways

It's amazing what a pair of running sneakers and an hour on the tread mill at the gym will do for you! I typically do not love running in the gym. In fact, I don't like it at all. But today I was there because I snoozed right on through my morning run and since it was later in the day, Cole went with me. He played with his friends in the day care... (which if we have to put it on record, I don't love... but he was excited to go with his friends and so we did). At the gym there is a personal t.v. on every tread mill... and since I can't stand watching daytime television (no offense and I love many people that enjoy a good morning show) I turned my t.v. to channel 101. That is the station that shows the daycare center. Then I put my ear plugs in and tuned my i-pod in to mo-tab! and cranked up the speed!

As I ran I watched little Coley's every move on television and I had an epiphany...

I could see his every move right in front of me... but I couldn't do much about it, even if I wanted to... so I just watched and ran. As I did I felt lonely when he was standing by himself seeming friendless. I felt happy when he began twirling around as if he danced in the rain. I was excited to see him running around and playing... it added mileage to my run! I felt proud when he courageously asked the daycare attendant for a piece of paper to color on. He was being so independent! It was so fun to see Cole be "Mr. Cool Breeze" with his friend Erika.... They hang out like teenagers! I felt joy when he helped a little child get up who had fallen. I worried that if I turned my head I might miss a second of his time in day care! After all, I couldn't get to him fast enough if he fell... he was clear up stairs! In my heart I prayed for his safety while I was running (downstairs). In that moment, I loved him something fierce! I even became extremely interested in the day care providers who were taking care of my son. I saw them pick up and cuddle a small baby. I saw one assist Cole in getting his art supplies. I watched another take a hug from a little boy. And I was grateful for their kindness.

Then... Like a ton of bricks I realized that I was feeling a meager portion of the unconditional love that our Heavenly Father has for his children.... and I came to further realize that He trusts us with His children. It was engraved deeper into my soul that I have a responsibility to Him to help raise His children during their time away from His presence... and I felt invigorated to do so better. I envisioned Him watching over us... like I watched Cole on channel 101... knowing not only everything that Mr. Cole did, but also everything that his care provider offered. I believe that our Heavenly Father entrusted me with many of the feelings that He feels every day while He is presiding over us.

And so I share with you... I love my little people... they are a gift.

It was a good run.