Thursday, January 6, 2011

A whole Dozen years goes by FAST!

Miss Bailey turns 12 in a few short hours! HOLY SHMOLEY! She has begged for years for a cell phone... tonight we gave her an early birthday gift... A cell phone. And now we have to extend her bed time so she can go to mutual! And the boys gave her a blingy watch and high heels that she begged for. And when she opened it all up while sitting at the end of the kitchen table, Her dad sat at the other end with teary red eyes wondering where the time has gone. High heels and cell phones did him in. I, on the other hand, have finally come to terms with not having any more little babies... Up until this past few months I have debated and wanted more. But lately Bailey is filling the void! She is tons of fun and quickly becoming more fun than another little baby can. Her clothes are every bit as fun to purchase, she is funny and finally likes me! Can't get better than that!
Oh little Miss magic... You sure have grown up fast! How can we keep you little forever?
Happy Birthday Bailey. WE all sure love you.