Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Mom... why is she so pretty?"

Meet the ever fabulous, most beautiful and amazingly talented Lexi Crum...
She is graduation from High School.

Somehow I scored the opportunity to know Lexi first when she was 13 and I was her Young Women's leader for a few short months. It was just after her dad died and I was so sad... but somehow the girl who's monumental mourning exceeded mine was the same girl that lifted my sad heart. She proved to be every bit the person that her father would have dreamed her to be...and then some. Lexi's understanding of the plan of salvation shown through her smiling face and dedicated testimony. I thank her for strengthening mine through an incredibly tender moment.
Lex moved on through the Young Women program and I served for a few years in other callings. We obviously still went to the same church building each Sunday but I was on planet primary so I didn't see her much. I just drooled in passing as I admired her darling style, smashing beauty and always kind and soft spoken "hellos" behind a very sincere smile. Then in January I was gifted another opportunity to be Lexi's teacher in the Young Women program... but as tradition goes, she has taught me lessons I cherish ~ leaving me only hope that I have touched her an inkling in the same way.
I've taken for granted that Lex would be in Young Women each Sunday for forever... gracing us with her knowledge and profound answers and conversation to lessons and welcoming spirit. However...

Last week the Relief Society delivered a Mother's day spectacular... lunch during our last hour of church. At that time they decided to welcome MY Lexi into R.S. with a hideous poem and gifts... and I found myself missing her and proud of her all at the same time. You see, Lexi never really was your typical girl... she skipped over all nonsense and went straight to amazing... making her One of a Kind! (the big kicker was that I had to share my thoughts on Grandma Mecham in that same meeting right after they initiated Lexi... making it incredibly difficult to gather any form at all. NICE!) I realized she is moving on.
Yesterday I received the announcement proclaiming the graduation of Lexi Crum. (I stared... and then my children ripped it out of my hands and they stared until at last McKay asked, "Mom, why is she so pretty?" and to that I can only believe that she has the DNA of the two peeps that were at the front of the line when physical beauty was being handed out... because her sisters and parents all look alike.) I am so excited for her! I remember graduation from high school. It was a bundle of mixed emotions. It meant I had a future to create starting now... causing anxious and exciting feelings! Though I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED high school and the many friends I have from it, I have to say that the next years of Independence, college and everything NEW was unmistakeably priceless. And so I believe the same is ahead for Lex... and I can hardly wait to see the painting upon her canvas of the next few years. Can't wait!!!
So today I express my congratulations (to one Impressive lady who quietly goes about her life doing remarkable things... and who is a heroin of goodness in my book... who is talented, fun, determined, strong, smart and witty...) on a graduation from daily life in high school and onto a beaming future! You have what it takes... every single tool and then some!
This is hardly a list of your true make up...
Lexi lou... I sure love you!

To love her more, you may see Lexi's most recent post on her beloved mother's blog here.... and then if that isn't enough because I can't imagine that it is... check here, here, here, and here and feel your heart twirl!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The sun is out!

I can tell its going to be a "waffles for dinner" night at my house... I've fallen into a funk and I can't seem to pull myself out! YIKES!

Some days I feel on top of the world... dashing around, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, ironing shirts... running here and there, eating all good food and looking in the mirror to find a huge smile... Not today! Not yesterday either.

It's called a case of the "terrible horrible no good very bad week". Laundry piles + late dinners + concerts + ball games + past bed times + birthday parties in addition to the regular duties = busy! A.C. out + fixed = soooo good! Chick X2 died = very sad. In babysitting neighbors chickens they heat stroked and died X3 = feel very bad!! ant hills to destroy + YW to concentrate on + walls to paint + Cupboards to finish + Window door to repair + bills to pay + diet to stick to = I haven't yet eaten'... try diet again tomorrow... you have to eat to be on a diet. Visit teaching by the 15th = treats and phone calls + promised prayers and love and concern... call me if you need something! slams by friends. OUCH! closets + garage = a hoarder haven. coupons to cut = stacks of papers.

Time for admission... I'm an emotional drinker. When I'm super happy I think it's fun to drink virgin pina coladas or ice cold Coca Cola. I used to think that when I was super stressed out I ran... because I did... but lately, I drink coke. I seriously only drink coke (not diet) when I'm out of my mind busy or sad. When I close my sleepy eyes today I see brown fizzy bubbles...

Hi. I'm Becky. I'm a coke- aholic! Emotionally drinking soda... Don't tell my Dr. since most of the time I drink boodles of water.

I need Grandma Mecham. She is ultra optimistic! She used to say, "I am thankful that I have a full figure because it means I have plenty to eat." WHAT THE *%&$%*!!!

husband working late = overtime... that's good! Cole's old man, over grown finger nails = can plant a garden under there... I meant to say = make time for grooming my healthy child. Kids giggling with friends = happy heart! dreams of summer around the corner + weeds to pull in my garden = have something to look forward to. healthy family.= blessing. Friends coming to stay while their parents head off to Italy... EXCITING! Mom and Dad living just moments away = cherished. Friends called and then came over to help with ant piles = truly golden. Husband for eternity = treasure.

Something that made me happy that I read (here) has helped me patch myself together a little today... Pink slippers said, "the sun in shining, not outside, but in my heart". I love pink slippers!! There is plenty to make me smile... even under the fizzy bubbles and my laundry "to do" lists... the sun is shining bright... I guess it's not so terrible horrible after all. And I buried that sweet little chicken under the peach tree... Please excuse me while I take my capable body back to work.

This writing session was useful.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day extension...

Shame upon my head for posting this later.... This is mum and the queen mum (who is mum's mum). It is also foresight into what I will be looking like when I am well into my 60's and then again in my late 80's. (in case you were wondering).
This is me and mum. (also foresight into Bailey's future... what she will look like when she's 30-ish and 60-ish and then 80-delish). We like to keep a good thing going 'round here!
This is me wishing my mum a heart felt Happy Mother's day. After all, she gave me life. And without her willingness to do so, I couldn't have ever declared myself so blessed. There are a bazillion reasons to celebrate my mother... heck, any good mother! But I know mine. Yes, I can think of several things that drive me crazy. They are almost as numerous as the qwerks about me that make my mother looses sleep over at night! And yes... I can count reason to be grateful for every single day that I still have my mum here to grace me with a smile, put me back in place when it is needed and raise me up far more than I deserve. So I hope I NEVER take advantage of another day that I talk to my mum... she was my lifeline to earth. She is the best grandma a kid could ask for. She taught me so many things I can't recall them all. Her heart is as full of gold as her pocket book empty... and I sure love her for it.
Happy Mother's day, mum... I love you!
And this little art work was presented to me as a mother's day delight from Bailey's arms to mine... I was lucky enough to be gifted this same gem twice! Once on Mother's day accompanied with a ginormous hug and smile. And then after Bailey decided I wasn't so great (because our air conditioner went out on Sunday night - did you know that is the mom's fault?) She hastily snatched it back and in most certain terms declared me an awful mother... Which reminded me that I better get my AC unit fixed quickly because Ms. Bailey was most uncomfortable and even though everybody else in the house was celebrating our heat wave and under ware sleeping arrangements, we decided to fix the refrigeration! So... I got it back! And this time with a looooooong letter of apology, oozing with loveness and "never agains". And so it now hangs in my hall way on the art board... reminding me of my only daughters deep love for me!

And this priceless place mat, weaved with hard work and googols of love came from Mr. McKay. And I will enjoy eating upon it every home cooked meal for the rest of mine days... because it made me EXTREMELY HAPPY... (and even in my favorite color, YELLOW! ~ which was placed with that very thought in mind. What man does that?) This beauty was presented so gently and humbly with the kindest words a little man could write... And so I share... because my heart melted like butter on a kitchen counter in a house without A.C...

This, along with breakfast crepes in bed and a thousand "I love yous" and hugs from my cuddle buns, Cole, made for a wonderful day to remember... And the sweet little faces that I wake up to each morning will assuredly remind me that I am a mother... and the amazing example of friends (like those whom I surround myself with) along with my own sisters, mother, mother-in-law and grandma's will remind me of the mother I can be.
Happy Mother's day... extension!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Drum rooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll PLEASE....

Meet Alisa...
She won our biggest loser contest with a woppen' 12% weight loss... for her that was almost 30 lbs! WOWZERS!

And so she found herself $800.00 richer on Thursday afternoon after she picked up her jackpot!

I personally congratulate all of our losers! Not everyone weighed in on the last day so I can't report a total loss for our crowd... However, Mike Huber lost 9.4% and Andy Dillard lost 8.2% and Randi Eyestone lost 8% (just in time for her wedding right around the corner)...

Keep going peeps! You amaze me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Calling all losers....

We are officially DONE with the biggest loser contest... It ended today! Nobody weighed in today (including me) and I have had several admit that they are unable to weigh in tomorrow morning or evening... making it terribly unfair for those that do!!! So... we will all weigh in on Wednesday morning 9-11 a.m at my house... and Wednesday evening 4-6:30 p.m. at my house. If you choose not to weigh in until Thursday then you are too late! YIKES! As far as I see it, you can weigh in on Tuesday morning or Wednesday... but not Thursday or later!
Can't weight to see you! hehheeh...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Name that movie

A few weeks ago Nate and I took the kids to Tucson to our favorite zoo.... it never gets old...
On the way we pulled up behind the semi photographed below. Though you can't read what the mudflaps say, if you could you would see, "peterbeilt" in plane wording! Knowing that my Coley loves big trucks I said, "Look, it's a peterbeilt for dang sake"... and without missing a beat Cole replied, "turn on your lights you moron". It was ohhhh soooo funny! I love that kid.
In remembrance of the things kids say, the first to name the movie that came from will be the grand prize winner of a scrumptious treat... Courtesy of moi... this is soooooo fun!