Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pooped out kids and a rescue date and a rescue.

No pictures... just a funny story:

It had been one of those days. The Mecham children woke up on the wrong side of the bed. By 10a.m. I knew it was going to be necessary for a night OUT with Mr. Mecham. It was confirmed, when at noon, Bailey and Cole began an argument over who would get to tell me something. (because I might enjoy a story more if the info came from a different child... right?!) And re-affirmed by little McKay's cries of boredom after being grounded from friends until Cole was his buddy again.

Make note that if I ever go into the looney bin it is because of sibling quarreling. I can't stand it! I knew there was something wrong. Either a child sick or up too late or hungry bellies. Why else would one wake up bitter? So I fed the children. But they didn't like their food. (YIKES!) I took their temperatures. Everyone normal. No booger noses. No coughing. Everyone healthy. Therefore it must have been the late night games and Christmas activities. Yes indeed! They were tired. But what kid is going to go to bed for the night when the sun is still up? And so I made a dedicated attempt to fill the day with activities and work to keep the young ones busy and when Mi Amore finally rescued me we made one last attempt to relieve the children from their miserable day. We took them bike riding at the church parking lot! It didn't work. Even the bike ride ended in tears.

It was dark. 6:00. I made mac and cheese for dinner (affectionately known as "yellow death")because it was fast... and then listened to the children complain about their meal in the background while I called 1-800-macarena iriqui (great babysitter). She was available to sit with the children while we escaped the insanity! The children ate, pulled on jamies, brushed teeth and were tucked in bed snuggy tight with prayers said by 7:00 p.m. And just before I walked out the door to pick up Ms. Iriqui I poked my little head in to see 3 children who had embraced sleep quickly.

We gave Macarena free reign of the pantry, fridge and freezer, Christmas goodies still lingering, the computer Internet and movies. We even told her to invite Ms. Katie to come hang out... It was going to be a very quiet night and we were so thankful that she was willing to come over.

I skipped to the car. Skipped! So happy for relief. Mr. Mecham and I went to dinner since we were getting quite hungry. Soup and salad. Perfect for the chilly evening. On the way home we decided to drive through the Honda dealership. It sounded like a good time to trade in our old Honda for a newer model with less miles. And so we pulled in but decided to drive through the lot instead of walking since the night air was a little too cool and the car was already toasty warm. When we found a few we liked we hopped out and quickly peeked inside... oblivious to time... happy to be shopping together with full bellies. But we knew we would have to come back another day. So we began our exit. The South exit was already gated and locked down... so we drove to the South/East exit... the one we had entered the lot at... it was also gated and locked down. I chuckled. Nate cursed. So we headed to the obvious only opening for the dealership... the North/East entrance. It was gated and locked. I chuckled. Nate cursed twice. We were totally locked into the dealership! Everyone had gone home. Lights inside were out. GONE!

We called the police. They would "send somebody out." And so after an hour MR. Nice policeman came out and listened to our story while shaking his head. The brave Mr. Mecham announced his desire to borrow the policeman's bolt cutters and made a honest effort to convince the officer that he had the right to do so since he had been locked into the dealership. The officer shook his head. The bolt cutters were not a part of the nights activities. The only thing Mr. Officer could do was loan us a phone (that we didn't need) to call somebody (at 10:30 p.m.) to get a ride home. But Mi Amore (bless his heart) couldn't bare to leave our already purchased Honda in a Honda dealership until the next morning. And so he remained firm in his idea that bolt cutters were necessary and that as soon as the nice policeman left that he would call uncle Loyd to bring them over. But before the Officer could leave the night janitor arrived and guess what? He had keys to the lock? What janitor has keys to the lot lock?
And so at 11:00 p.m. We were rescued and on our way home to our very sleeping children.
What a day!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

My heart grew fonder...

Mr. Mecham has been out of town. He had some business to care for. He totally lucked out having it be in his home state which was a winter wonderland while he was there! We, at home, were jealous until he announced that it was "5"... as in 5 degrees F! Yikes! Actually, we were still jealous... Considering that we scored mightily in the "in-law" and cousin detail there.
It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Indeed it does!
My typical morning starts with Mr. Mecham doing something extraordinarily kind for me... take your pick of services... and then he heads off to work. He works a hard day ~ always making me proud to claim him! Then home he comes, tripping over himself to get here as soon as possible. And wouldn't you know, after the welcome home smooch he rolls up his sleeves and asks, "what can I do?" To be real honest, the hour he arrives home isn't always the funnest hour of the day. We lovingly refer to it as "happy hour"... dinner to finish up while kids are wining with hungry bellies... homework help is always needed... the afternoon whirlwind has displaced nearly every possession we own, and I look like a just ran a 10K in my apron. It is tricky at best! But papa comes to the rescue making life seem better. I begin my evening rant and Mr. Mecham smiles and nods until a laugh can be fit in without offense. He is just dreamy! Really... he is.
This is something I've always been grateful for... but today I'm more thankful than I was a week ago... because when it was gone I realized how much I craved it. And to set the record straight... I don't know if I could live a whole life without it. Because in his absence... my little heart not only grew more thankful, it also became fonder of such a guy.
Now... if you'll excuse me, he just walked in from the nightly grocery store run and I want to hear all about his trip, etc... My fond lil' heart can't wait!

Monday, December 7, 2009

a little recap...

Thanksgiving was delightful! I made my first pumpkin pie which was a major hit! Yee HAW! And we even took the kids to see "blindside" after dinner. Good flick. Go see it!

Jessica and Beavis parted ways... it went incredibly well. We give credit to skilled doctors who were blessed by our Heavenly Father to carry out His will. Jessica came home already! What a gal! Sure love and miss you lady!

We set out the decorations for Christmas... and the celebration has begun! I just wish it lasted all year!

Dad celebrated another year older... and much wiser too! It has been a year of challenge for the old man. In his fight against skin cancer on his cheek he is optimistic and we are hopeful and most prayerful! We celebrated with a grand party at the home of yours truly! All dad's favorite health foods as not to spike his diabetes! Salmon and shrimp and steak on the grill. Yummy garden fresh salad and red potatoes and Aunt Tisha's green beans delight...

and then get out your insulin...
because cake and ice cream, hot liquid love piled with marshmellows and whip cream stirred together by candy canes and smores by the fire! Balloon launches (best idea I ever stole from Nie) and well wishes for a healthy and delightful year... and then sparklers and games that lit up the night like summers past! It was fantastic!
Happy birthday pops! I sure love you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner delight

As you well know, years ago President Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of November a national day of Thanksgiving. We will be forever indebted to such a grand idea! It is creeping up on us in just one week. So as you prepare for the yearly feast, I have shared some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes here to say thanks for being my friends! I'll try to get all of them up this week.... even though I've got a good start already!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy as a beaver

I swear that every time somebody comes to visit there is laundry on my couch. No kidding! And even sometimes those visitors are scheduled visits. Like one of the gajillion times when my visiting teachers (who remain the cleanest people on the planet) came over and had to push underwares aside to find a place to put their buns.... that was awesome! Or another time when they came over and I was getting dressed so the kids let them in to sit on the cushionless couches; just springs and linen. That was even more spectacular! My all time favorites are when a visitor from far off lands is just passing through town so he comes to visit ~ unexpected... but still most welcomed ~ right into my seriously disastrous house! Scary!!! To think that they only see me once in years and they have to remember that my trashed house was their welcome post... YEE HAW! I shutter at those events.
My advise to anyone who doesn't believe that my house is ever clean... I invite you to visit at 11:00 p.m.... right after Mr. Mecham has finished up the dinner dishes and cleaned my kitchen and I have finally put the last of the laundry away! Somewhere between 11 p.m and 8:00 a.m. the messy fairy whirls through my house leaving loads of dishes and piles of laundry. Go figure?! I swear the messy fairy is more alive than Santa Clause. Don't test my truth... it's not worth it!
But today I have been busy as a beaver... and so if you come over in the next 25 minutes you will see a clean house! In the middle of the day, no less. And you might believe that I do something besides sit around reading books. (which is what I want to do!) Just don't expect me to be ready for the day... because I'm not! And my goal now is to get in the shower and make up on before Mi Amore gets home. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I took a Tibetan personality test... so should you!

This picture is proof of my childhood... since my children think I've always been a mom... and a look back to days when I may have looked more like my Bailey.
My super cute and ever talented friend at happily ever after (by invite only... so sorry!!!) invited me to take the Tibetan personality test. It was oh so fun! I thank you Lady Gale for such an activity... You are marvelous! And besides, the Dalai Lama suggested I do it and I could not disappoint.... If I passed it along to as many friends as my favorite number (which is 3) then the wish that I made will come true on my favorite day of the week... which means that Sunday will be a lovely day for me. Crunchy Granola once told me that those things don't work... but I'm certain that Sunday will show her intelligence to be misunderstood!

The Tibetan people must know a lot! Really! And the Dalai Lama is very primitive indeed... My whole personality was described by a few short questions... They go like this:

Put these animals in order from most favorite to least favorite.

*Horse * Cow * Pig * Sheep * Tiger*

Describe these nouns in one word:

*Dog * Cat * Rat * Coffee * Sea *

Who is the one person that reminds you most of these colors?

* Yellow * orange * Red * White * Green *

Now pick your favorite number and day of the week and


Results came in... some of the astonishing... while others made me think the Dalai Lama needs to go back to Chrystal ball school... YIKES!

My real most favorite animal is a giraffe. I would own one if I could. Then an elephant! And after that, I really like my chicken, Jasmine. She is so tiny and fluffy! If Nate would let her in the house I would potty train her and keep her right by my side... But in the order of the animals that was presented I chose these... which Dalai says are symbolic of the order of importance of those things in my life:

horse~ Family

Sheep ~ Love

Tiger~ Pride

Cow~ Career

Pig~ money

Almost! I almost put tiger first! WHooeee... How would that feel?! Having the Dalai suggest that I was full of pride instead of only 1/2 full of pride? I did wonder if I really liked my career more than money? I always thought it would be coolest to just inherit a bajillion dollars and then secretly pay off mortgages and take extravagant vacations with my wee ones... and then live in a far off place serving a very long mission with Brother Mecham! But if the Dalai said....

Next... My description in one word:

Dog = friend. (I had one once... Murphey... a cocapoo... He died in a heroic effort to save the family homestead from the ferocious squirrel that had set up house somewhere underneath that house foundation.... the vet said it was heat exhaustion after a viscous chase all around the property. I cried. He was my friend.)

Cat = Nuisance. (for all cat lovers... I apologize. I've tried to love cats. But on my side of the tracks they are typically wild cats and they just poop all over my children's playground and make loud noises while mating in the flower beds out front... under my window... all night long!)


Coffee = smells good! Though I am not a drinker of coffee, I sure love the smell. When I grocery shop at Sprouts I always take a long walk down the coffee bean isle for reasons of pure aromatic delight. And Mr. Mecham and I brew it in the mornings when we stay in fancy hotels.

Sea = Beautiful. It just is! I'm speaking of "the great deep" not the great lakes... However, I do think the great lakes are magnificent also. But if the "sea" is talking about the great deep than I have two words... but the Dalai Lama only asked for one 1) Beautiful (2) Powerful. I love it for both reasons. Years ago Mi Amore and I moved to Florida and lived only minutes from the Gulf of Mexico to the West and a short distance from the Atlantic on the East. I fell in love with those oceans. IN LOVE! And when I moved I vowed to take them with me... and so when I close my eyes and think really hard I can trick my brain into hearing that beautiful sound that those powerful waves make... and I run my toes through the powdery white sand... and I sometimes even dig for sea shells while the warm sun kisses my face... and if I try hard enough I can even smell that salty sea air. The Sea has an amazing hold on ones soul.

Well... the Tibetan personality test said that my description of those nouns also had symbolic meaning. What I was actually describing was not those nouns at all... it was my deepest most inner feelings of something else. So to recap...

My description of the:

Dog (friend) was really how I felt about myself. Ha! You don't think? Just ask the rat!

Cat (nuisance) was actually how I felt about my spouse. HAHAHA! NEVER NOT EVER...

Rat (pest) was truly how I felt about my enemies. But how could that be if I am the dog?

Coffee (smells good) was how I felt about sex. - Which I do have a comment about... though I don't publicly discuss that topic on my blog very often ~ ever... I have always thought it would be cool to be Dr. Ruth for 5 minutes and I've often thought how one would describe such an event as sex in one word (or phrase). Now I know... It smells good! Dr. Ruth has nothing over me!!!

Sea (beautiful) was how I felt about my own life. ~ which is, in fact, pretty true. Life is beautiful. It is a statement of God's love for us every single day... and a constant reminder that our Creator is most generous and kind... and how is that not beautiful.... or powerful for that matter?!

Name the first person that comes to mind with these color:

Yellow- My mum (she and I share a favorite for that bright sunny color)

Orange- Coley Wooley (because he loves it with all his heart)

Red- my little McKay (has a red personality... spunky and determined... with a drive to win that is scary sometimes! But he hides it under shades of blue)

White- Bailey (she was a toe head... white hair as a toddler... and it looked so cute in piggies against her Florida tanned epidermis)

Green- Mr. Mecham (his eyes sometimes pull green hues that are super dreamy)

and what does that mean?

Yellow (mum) is someone I will never forget. Well dah! How the heck could I? The woman who gave me life...

Orange (Cole) is a true friend. Indeed he is. He tells me he loves me in record numbers each day. At least 30 X per hour... and never fails to thank me for something.

Red (McKay) is somebody I really love. Yep! That is true. I used to wonder how I could love somebody so much...

White (Bailey) is my twin soul. That Dalai lama is right! She does look exactly like I did as a child. And sometimes I think that the spit fire within her will cause me to explode! I try to blame it on her father but really I know that it is because she inherited that D.N.A. from her mother. Bless her heart. That same fire fuels her to get things done. Something that will take her far... and bless the lives of her children.

Green (Nate) is somebody I will remember the rest of my life. He is unforgettable... In every way! I thought I was in love a few times before him... but I've come to realize that he is my one and only truest love... I think we were were soul mates... and how does one ever forget that? I promise I will forever and ever remember my Nate.

Boy Howdy... Now you know me through and through... Thank you Dalai Lama!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

end of the week and month simultaneous

Couldn't help but revise my week in review... It wasn't quite over! Here are a few traditions that I look forward to every Halloween...
Sick and Tired's Halloween costume party. It is (NO KIDDING) SPOOKTACULAR! The best part is that if you come you must dress up! No party poopers!!!

Bailey won "most original" for her pipi long stockings costume.

Kati won "best female costume"! Nate won "best male costume"... two years in a row, I might add...
Grandma Chrissy and Grandpa Konks have a Halloween party every year for the grands. It is the favorite party of the year for my trick-or-treaters! A real treat indeed...
It is grandma's way of seeing all her favorites in costume and deliver festive treats!
We eat yummy soup
we frost scary spider cakes
we catch spooky ghosts
We throw sticky eyeballs on witches
we play candy corn toss
and break pinatas

and then we go trick-or-treating with our cousins...

with BIG smiles lasting all night!!!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A week of photographic memories

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year... Right up there with winter, spring and summer! Halloween really begins the Holidays for me. When it starts to smell like football in the air and the weather cools below 100, I start getting the itch for...

Parties with friends and family.
Bon Fires and roasted marshmallows.
Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns
Chili cook offs and caramel apples.
Trick or Treats.
Smells of Soup cooking in my kitchen.
It is the perfect beginning of smiles and fun to lead into a month a Thanks giving... and then on to the celebration of the birth and life of our most beloved Savior.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Her Big Fat Greek Tumor...

This is Jessica... the first born of all my nieces and nephews. She is the one that actually made me fall in love with my ever so handsome and fabulous husband. We were only dating when I met Jessica... and she was so delightful that I swore I must have offspring just like her... and the only way was to hook up with her hotty uncle. And so I did...
And it has been delightful to watch her grow... every step of her life has been a treat!
She was a spit fire child... full of life and spunk! As a toddler she danced in the mirror like nobodies business... I secretly wondered if she learned the hip thrust dance from her mother (who looks like Marie Osmond, or her father??? hmmm...)
We haven't lived too close for a loooong time. But each time I am blessed with an opportunity to be with Miss Jessica she impresses me more. Her sense of humor will kill you! Her style will leave you dreaming. Her testimony will lift you. Her competitive nature will bring out determination in you... her talents are endless... they leave you wishen'... and the tender love she shares with her baby brother will melt your heart.
This gal is one in a million... going somewhere happenen'... and I love that I get to watch it unfold.

I found a little video that I wanted to dedicate to Jessica and Beavis here.

I'm sending well wishes and love and hoping the babopsy went well...

May Beavis be without teeth or a spinal cord.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down but not out...

The day Cole was born I knew the child had something of a concrete boulder held on by a hefty neck in the center of his robust shoulders. The child un-mistakabley favored the stature and coloring of his maternal d.n.a. (though I have to admit that Nate's maternal grandmother was not exactly petite! I swear the woman could grip a basketball better than most NBA stars... Her hands were very large (and so soft) and when I close my eyes and remember such a woman I think of Zena the Warrior Princess.~ Regardless, Cole favored the likes of my father's ancestry. He is a Bird baby through and through!) He has a big head.! In nearly every photographic memory that we have of Mr. Cole (during the first 2 1/2 years of his life) he has a bruised knobby on either side of his frontal lobe just above his eye brow. Obviously this was due to enormous weight of his coconut making it inevitable that it would be the first thing to hit! The great news is that Coley has an unprecedented pain tolerance making most of those falls no big deal at all!

Well... rough housing and wrestling tournaments with his elder brother escalated over the years. Though one thing has remained: Cole still leads with his head and falls on it often. In fact, just this past Thursday Cole and McKay played a little too rough. Cole karate kicked up his leg. McKay grabbed it and yanked. Cole's other foot came up and head went down.... And then something new happened here at the Mecham house: Mr. Cole started screaming loud from BIG pain! He held his head tight! He didn't feel so well... and as he puts it, "I got my first concussion". Which I hope is his last concussion, but I'm certainly not planning on that!

Friday we went to the Doc since Cole couldn't go to school. (weird... not wanting to go to school) He broke to us the news. "Cole as a slight concussion. Just watch him. If it gets worse we'll have to order a CT scan." And so we went home with a gigantic bottle of bubble gum liquid Advil and berry flavored Tylenol and watched movies for the rest of the afternoon.
But headaches haven't gone away. And sometimes they seem worse. But usually only after lots of play. However, the Doc wanted a CT scan on Cole today. So guess where we went... E.R.!!! woo hoo!! Best part: Cole is fine. So it turns out that we just wanted to pay for an E.R. visit, a CT scan and alarm everyone in the hood which we live.! Good times... Cole will be learning empathy for all of those who suffer with frequent headaches for a while... No fun! But we are counting our blessings that it wasn't a bad brain bruise and his symptoms are incredibly mild from where they could be.

And to celebrate such grand news we carved pumpkins and partied! (more on the tomorrow!)

Somethings I've learned from this whole deal:
~The Dr. IS going to send you to the E.R. for imaging. He just is...
~If eyes are looking good, there is no vomit, dizziness, loss of bowels, or ringing in ears it doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't a problem!!! (What?!)
~headaches can last up to several weeks or months
~Advil every 6 hours
~Tylenol every 4 hours
~Never take life for granted
~Not even hard heads are invincible
~running around like you are perfectly healthy and normal doesn't mean your concussion will go away... in fact, it makes the pain worse. So does continued wrestling with your brother.
~slight falls cause migraines when you have a concussion.
~you can take Cole down but it's pretty hard to take him out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can Ericka Play?

Every morning by 8:30 a.m. Cole is looking for somebody to play with... If you know Cole, this is progress... by atleast a half hour! If I don't deliver a friend by 8:35 he is on the phone.
Cole has two numbers memorized: Grandma Chrissy, and Ericka. This very morning I stood in the kitchen tapping my finger while my spelt bread toasted golden when Cole walked in with the telephone on his ear. He didn't speak for a very long time. Then he rolled his eyes 4 or 7 times and started to speak while pacing back and forth: "Hi Ericka just calling to see if you could play. We can play legos and swing and dress-ups and I really want you to come over because you're my friend and so I want you to call me back if you can come play and we would have really fun in the name of Jesus".... then he stopped and looked up at me with a total perplexed look on his face. I was trying not to laugh or (heaven forbid) make him feel stupid for what he had just said. Cole doesn't take lightly to degradation. And so I simply said, "amen". And he busted out laughing and yelled into the phone, "oh my gosh I can't believe I just did that!" And then he hung up and we laughed our heads off for about 5 minutes!
That kid... I tell you what!~ He is one fine little man! As long as he is mine will never be long enough.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A sweet little tale...

Jo Dee went to make a visit to the HAP HAP Happiest place on earth this week... and she graced me with an opportunity to care for three of her young ones. It was a solicited treat... A sincere request which was granted. I kept my kids home from school to play with the little ones today. They get along remarkably well. And so it has worked out beautifully!
The day went like this:
Wake up to kids playing joyfully. (after a quiet night, I might add.)... Feed kids breakfast. (they all ate well.) Bath. Dress. Begin home school assignments. (for Ms. happy Kate and Mr. Grant.)
Cole played cars with Rock and McKay kept the wii warm while waiting.
But there was a small problem.... Foot ball isn't a quiet sport... even on the wii. So McKay brought a little too much energy to the room for the moment. Cole and Rock were driving the cars feverishly along the hall walls and tile! The volume in the Mecham home was not exactly school like. So I simply requested that they (who were not doing school work) run along outside where those fabulous loud play noises belong so that the others could concentrate on their duties... and they did!
Kate finished her work quickly and happily joined the others. (everything for Kate is HAPPY!)
Mr. Grant plunged along and knocked his out in a timely manner as well.
But just before he finished little Rockwell knocked on the door.
"Mecham?" he called
(he addresses me "Mecham"... how is that for dreamy?!!!!) And since I can't resist such a call I tripped over myself to get to him. He was standing in the doorway with a disturbed look, awkward standing position, and wet spots in all the wrong places!
"Oops!", I said.
"Did you have an accident?" Knowing full well that there must be a grand explanation since this little guy hadn't even had one of these at my house in 3 days!
And then it was explained to me that since my request to "play outside so that the kids can get their work done" was interpreted as, "you may not come in this house until further notice." Mr. obedient couldn't hold it any longer. I admit, I took shame for this little accident considering the poor explanation of rules with my previous direction. I simply forgot how innocent and obedient little tiny people are. So we made quick work of changing clothes and cleaning off. And Rock joined back outside with the others all clean and new. Only to return moments later with a knock on the back door. Then realizing that it wasn't locked he opened it up and let himself in.
"Mecham?" he called,
"This is for you."
He handed me a flower. Lantanna... which I know he worked hard to find because we don't have lantanna in our yard and there is no way he can get over our back yard fence.
"Thank you for helping me." he graciously said.
I almost teared up for a moment. But I hugged him and told him how happy it made me instead. We hung it up on the fridge under a magnet to remind us how gratitude is so wonderful!
As Rockwell left to go back outside I watched with the biggest warm fuzzy in my heart for such a guy. And he had a little skip in his step too.
Then I remembered remarks President Robinson said to me earlier this week while attending a baptism for a mutual friend, "He must have the sweetest mother".
And it must be true. Because he was thoughtful and kind enough to show such sentiment... Undoubtedly, gratitude is a learned behavior... and he must have learned it somewhere.
A tale I hope to never forget.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The house is really quiet... leery like. The air conditioning turned off @ 71 degrees (nice!) and since it is awfully late the street outside is empty of traffic. A sound I don't hear too much. And the kids... they opted for a camp out in the back yard. Tents and all... You've gotta love a papa who will set up camp in the back yard... and join them! So I can hear things like the fridge running and the clock ticking.... and an occasional helicopter flying over head. Usually I'm sawing logs by now. But I had one last thing to say before I lay my weary body to rest for the night...
I awoke this morning to two of my favorite boys on either side of me... McKay on the right and Cole on the left. My other favorite had already slipped out to work for the day. I knew it was going to be a good day. I peeped over at McKay who was cozy... still dreaming and then to Cole. He was looking at the ceiling fan twirl with a mighty big smile on his face and beams shooting out of his dancing eyes. If I had a super power to see inside his mind I am certain it would have viewed a party of ideas that circulated that creative mind. I knew he was planning something fantastic! I smiled and without missing a beat he said, "the only way I can get the tigers to stop is to let them shoot holes in me". I erupted into laughter... "Where did you hear that?", I squeaked out... "'Kelly's heros', mom... it is a goody", he whispered back. I knew it was going to be a great day!
But as the day went on, and as some days do, two little buddies sometimes find something to disagree on... this time McKay thought it was inappropriate that Cole slapped him on the back really hard. Go figure?! Cole was quite upset because he didn't mean to... "I just didn't know my own strength." And in a moment when I was determined to be stern as to pound into this child's head that we do not hit (except when we are defending ourselves which he surely was not) ~ and I even had stern intonations and serious eyes ~ Cole said, "Why don't you stop with the negative waves." To which turned my mad facial expression to one of trying not to laugh and my serious eyes began dancing even though I tried to make them so serious like... So I put my hand over my face to hide it... and peeking through my fingers I saw Coley staring at me with that same smile he had first thing this morning... while patting his naked belly. "Cut it out buddy! I'm trying to be mad right now!" I exclaimed. And without missing a beat he replied, "why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change." And so it was that I busted out laughing and told him to hurry along and stop hitting his brother.... or he was in big bad trouble... (because that is serious you know!) And he tripped off happy as a clam... and he took me serious because he and McKay played all day long together without one more disagreement. And now they slumber together at a camp out with papa.
And so it is that I'm thinking I should watch this "Kelly's Heros" movie that is so influential in my young son's vernacular. Maybe I could learn a line or two... I hope he wakes his papa up with one of his liners in the morning... It will be a great day!

My neglectful blogness

( This pic has nothing to do with my post... but it is autumnish... and I love it.)
Dear Blog,

You are but one young year old... You remind me of my journal.... (which you are). I make commitments to record my stories for future memoir... but I oft let the business of life take me captive. For these reasons, I have been neglectful. And also because I've been reading like a dog... "Jesus the Christ" (again... so good) and "The Great Apostasy" (again... so good) and "The Continuous Atonement". (boy howdy... All things pink was not kidding when she highly recommended that one... so good.) And since I'm on a pretty rocken' roll, I just bought "The Blessings of Abraham". I'm sure it will be so good.

I have been absent with my nose in a book or two or three... and also planting my garden. Tomatoes are up... Just harvested 2. Cucumbers are growing gangbusters. Lettuce is still alive. Mint. (what to do with mint? I planted it so I could say that I have mint in my garden. Don't know how to use it yet! I read that it repels some pests. I'm banking on it!) Pole beans are growing even though I planted them 4 days after the last recommended day. We will see... Peppers~ They have been in the ground for a while now... and they aren't dead but they aren't growing. Interesting. Italian Parsley is beautiful. (dear Lord, Thank you for that stuff... I love parsley. You are good to me. Love, Becky) Chives are still under ground... as in seeds haven't sprouted up yet. Neither have the onions. But I'm in LOVE with onions... and chives... so I know they will come up. The squash. I've dreamed of squash gardens.... and mine is growing. I planted sweet meat, zucchini, and Florette squash... and when it all gets rolling if there is still room, I'll plant acorn and spaghetti. Did I say, I love squash? I love squash in all its forms. (Fresh, of coarse!)

So where was I... Sorry about not blogging. If you were an infant child you would be dead from neglect. I would be incarcerated for abuse. And then my garden wouldn't be growing. You are, however, a space for me to deliver my thoughts... and I still have some. Stick with me....

Monday, September 14, 2009

tonsils out

Um..... tonsils out = stink breath! YUK!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today is the annual daddy/daughter outing. It is an event that is looked forward to all year long... (as in... the day they come home from the daddy/daughter, Bailey and Papa start talking about next years outing!) But as life would have it, this year Bailey and Papa spent the day together without the company of ward friends and neighbors. Bailey even traded in cozy jammies for an open back gown (comfy) and a sleeping bag in a tent for hospital bed and a surgery center. Papa still took off work and stayed close by her side... (which is saying a lot since Papa LOATHES surgery, blood, heart monitors and the like.) Bailey was elated to finally rid her throat of those meat ball sized tonsils that prevented her from sleeping all through the night, swallowing whole food without nearly choking and the dreaded chronic strep infections that haunted her. Though it was most unfortunate that she had to miss her favorite outing of the year!

Bailey had a love-hate relationship with those tonsils. After all, they were a part of her body that the good Lord provided her to care for in this mortality. But she hated... I mean despised... those strep infections, sleep apnea and choking on her food because they got in her way. Dr. Mancuso actually recommended that this procedure be done years ago. Years! And though I can think of no pediatric docs that I trust and love more than that Doc Mancuso, we waited in hopes that she would grow into those beasts. I swear that as she grew, so did they! This time another favorite Doc (Davis... Oh so amazing and ever talented and sharply skilled... we so love him... you would too!) recommended that Mancuso take them out. So back to Mancuso we went and again, he invited us to take them out. And we partook! It took the dynamic duo of skilled docs to convince us, but we are absolutely certain that we won't be missing any more daddy/daughter outings because of sick tonsils!

So today I was kicken up dust and trippen' over myself to mash potatoes, pour clear liquids and open Popsicles. And that papa Nate, he couldn't get to the store fast enough to pick up pain killers, more juice, apple sauce and videos. Hallelujah... things are looking bright! Bailey Buns... Consider us "at your service"!

p.s. if I may put a plug in for Dr. Mancuso... Please meet the man. If your kids don't have ENT probs you might pretend that they do just so that you can meet him! When he took "the oath" he meant what he said... and I can't recommend a more professional, kind and intelligent individual than he is. He really broke the mold.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Mr. Obama, Sir...

Dear Mr. Obama, sir:

Recently I have been called names by those who like you, as if to make me feel insecure and speechless for not sharing their same ideas. Surely you have empathy for that, since you are called names every day. As for me, however, name calling and insulting fuels my fire. I hope my children will have the same passion for standing up in their beliefs as I do... and even more, it is my hope and prayer that they will have the freedom to do so. I don't wish to insult your intelligence by name calling because I see it pointless. Further, my parents instilled in me an image of divinity and dignity that I think is desecrated by name calling. Because of that, I assure you that if my opinion remains only mine than I am still willing to stand alone. I'm sure that you and I do share something in common; our determination to fight for what we believe... even in the face of those who call names.
However, I do passionately disagree with you on nearly every subject. Some of the HOT ones for me are addressed below.
Sir, your view on abortion is un-American.
If we all (do indeed) have the right to liberty in this country than how is it that you wish to make it legal for anyone to take that same right of freedom from those who are just too little to claim theirs? Surely you understand that it is not taking rights from that child's mother since she did make choices which ended in pregnancy. Every choice has a consequence. Conception isn't commonly immaculate. I know of only once that being the case. Therefore, if one chooses to be involved in sexual activity, then she must also consider herself an avenue for children to enter this world. Whether or not she keeps that child is a completely different story.

Glad to hear that everyone deserves an education. We sure do. However NOTHING comes without a price. We live in the land of the Free not the land where everything is free. Recently I have come to understand that you will be making a speech to all the children in all the schools around the entire nation on Tuesday, Sept 8. (parents do not have to be notified) In that speech you will be instilling a belief that it is our children's "responsibility" to make sure that everyone gets the same education. In my book that is nonsense. I understand other Presidents have done this same thing... Not really. Other presidents educated our children with values like "say no to drugs". Education has a price, sir... and though I do think that it is noble that you would like everyone to be able to have the right to get an education, I disagree that you would tell my child that it is his/her "responsibility" to make sure that everyone gets it. Further, here in Arizona I have seen the effects of everyone getting the same education. The idea that even the little guy gets to learn is NOT only what happens... because those who are understanding quicker are also being held back! Education for all... yes! It already exists. The way you go about it? Absolutely NO! And it IS NOT my child's responsibility to make sure that everyone gets an education. It is his responsibility and right to get his own. This is America, not communist China.

Health care
Boy howdy! SOAP BOX!!! All it will take for one to know that this is not a good idea is for him to visit a country where this kind of health care is offered. Or possibley, educating himself by reading it, not listening to the news!!! Wasn't the constitution written to give more rights to the people which limited the Government from deciding all of this? Really! You have read it... right? Government doesn't belong in making decisions about my health care. Neither does the insurance company that I pay a truck load of money to each month. (but I shall take that up with them)

Going green
Please don't insult my intelligence. The president of the United States does not decide if there is going to be a hurricane that will wipe out a God forbidden town. Sorry. Go green! For years I myself have tried to limit the trash output in my home. My husband uses public transportation or walks to work. We don't believe in overuse of water, electricity or gas, etc and so on. I don't illegally dump. All of this just because I love the earth I live upon. I certainly don't do it for you. I do think that if everyone used the brain they were given, we might have less pollution and even a possibly (if done for hundreds of years) less global warming. But you realize that the "Republicans" didn't create global warming. That is comical! And this problem can not be corrected by over charging me for electricity! haha... Are you going to over charge the Chinese for dumping filth into their rivers and polluting water sources? That is just silly. Go green if you'd like. Make it a personal decision. God, though you might choose to not credit him, is going to let devastation rip through this country and it isn't because I turned on my dryer 16 time today. Go to church.

Marriage for Gay/Lesbian couples
I have to agree with Pasture Rick Warren who said what I think perfectly. It is a definition, not a civil right. "For 5,000 years, marriage has been defined by every single culture and every single religion – this is not a Christian issue. Buddhist, Muslims, Jews – historically, marriage is a man and a woman. And the reason I supported Proposition 8, is really a free speech issue. Because first the court overrode the will of the people, but second there were all kinds of threats that if that did not pass then any pastor could be considered doing hate speech if he shared his views that he didn’t think homosexuality was the most natural way for relationships, and that would be hate speech. We should have freedom of speech, ok? And you should be able to have freedom of speech to make your position and I should be able to have freedom of speech to make my position, and can’t we do this in a civil way. I’m opposed to redefinition of a 5,000 year definition of marriage. I’m opposed to having a brother and sister being together and calling that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage. " Gay people have the right to live and love... please don't start re-defining words... It will confuse all the other people who want to marry their goat... and then what will we call it?

These are only a small few of my issues with you. It has been noted already that I am "uneducated". And yes sir, I am most uneducated if that means that I don't agree with you. If instead of addressing issues you and your kind call names then it only furthers my thoughts that I am right! I choose to educate myself on the issues which I am most passionate about. I am comfortable admitting that my foundation and beliefs involve God, the Almighty. I educate myself upon his word frequently. Some may view it weak... but when the tempests rise, he doesn't seem too weak. I for one don't only believe your views are un-American (if you use the constitution as your guide) I also find you offensive to religion. I don't trust you. I believe that you lead secret combinations and have too much control allowing you to be most deceitful in a very crafty way. I sure hope that others wont fall into the trap of "studies show" and "scientists have proven" or "the educated believe" etc. and actually go to those studies and proven facts and educate themselves on what is happening with the change that you promised us.

Good day... Mr. Obama Sir,
Becky Mecham

Monday, August 31, 2009

School re-think...

Dear Coley,
Kindergarten started for you just weeks ago. And though you feel great anger within you that I didn't start you in all day Kindergarten it was only partly because of my selfishness to keep you home as long as possible... the other part of me just thinks that 5 years old is WAY too young to be gone from your mother all day. WAY WAY too young! I did it for your own good.
However, since that time you have asked me nearly 6 trillion times "is it time to leave for school yet?". You like to start the day out the same time as your siblings. I know that when we drop them off in the morning the look in your eyes, that want and yearning to leave your mother, is much greater than I ever anticipated... but its just not going to happen this year. So basically what I'm trying to say is, get over it already... K-den. And when we get home it is time for breakfast, not school! And 5 minutes after breakfast is over it is still not time to leave for school. And still, 5 min after that and 5 min after that and 5 min after that, it is still not time. You can count on 5 min after you eat your lunch that we will fill your water bottle, zip your back pack and head out the door. So don't worry. When I say "4 hours" that is a long time... Like enough time for you to eat 2 meals because you were hungry for them both which means there was digestion in between. So don't ask for breakfast and lunch 10 min apart thinking that it will get you to kindergarten one minute faster. So much to learn young one...
I have plenty to still teach you and I thoroughly enjoy your company. Please don't tell me one more time that, "if you really loved me you would have sent me to all day kindergarten". It makes me cry. Though I am thrilled that you and your sister share the same enthusiasm over public education, you should try to be a little more understanding that your mother definitely knows best... not your teacher. And further, she will never love you as much as I do. In addition to that, recess is over- rated and lunch at school comes from a package. And if you go to all day kindergarten then your water bottle gets hot and you have to drink out of those fountains that the water tastes like irrigation. Just ask McKay! He will tell you strait up... staying home as long as you can has its perks... He and I have daily discussions over home-school.
As this next week is on the horizon, I encourage you to come to an understanding that half day kindergarten is where it is at. Make some friends! Get their phone numbers AND their names and we will have morning recess at our house with them from 8-12 when you go to school. All is well, my young son.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A dinner tale.

So... tell me what it is about food on mom's plate? (that is a question... because if I had been talking a live person my eye brows would be up with question and my intonations would have left you feeling like you must answer...)

I spent the morning at that amazing farmers market down town drooling over beautiful veggies. I had visions of salsa made with heirloom and yellow tomatoes for the kids after school snack, and stir fry dreams for tonight's supper. The veggies were incredible. And I bought a lot of them! So I had to use them.

I made this delightful dinner tonight, (which, I might add, did not just whip up in 20 min since slicing and peeling veggies takes a ridiculous amount of time) And just as it was finishing up and the timer was hollering that the rice was done, the children came running with wonderful expressions on their faces! "what smells so good?" they inquired as they turned the corner to the kitchen. With high hopes, the taller ones opened the pan to get a sneak peek. Coley stood high on his tipsy toes trying to get a good look. And then, "oh." and silence that seemed to scream, "YUCK!". And those faces dropped like a barbell on your naked toe.

Child 1: "I don't think I'll be eating tonight". Child 2: "May I make a sandwich, you know I don't like that. I told you last time we ate it". Child 3: SILENCE. and then all the kids disappeared as if they had just eaten a feast and didn't want to be around for clean up.

So Papa Nate and I spooned up a pile of rice and topped it with the heavenly veggies L0-mien and sat down. I even considered candle light since we would be dining by ourselves tonight! Just after, "amen", those same children came in to stare. Why? Why do they refuse and then stare with sad wet eyes like I've starved them for the past week? And then Child 1 even set herself down next to me and hung her sweet head. And child 2 inched himself next to me, his mouth closer to my plate than my own. And child 3... the one with the audacity of a bison, pulled himself up to the table with the leftovers of his after school chips and salsa fest and began to eat! Bless his clueless heart. And so it was that our romantic home made Chinese dinner Lo Mien wasn't romantic at all. Papa Nate instantly looked anoyed. He was obviously trying REAL hard to not make mad noise. I looked straight ahead pretending nothing else was going on.

Child 1 spoke up with a quiver: "I'm so hungry, could I just have a taste of one noodle?" Child 2 chimed in: "Could I just have one taste?" Child 3: crunchen' on chips and salsa. Papa Nate: "I'm really trying hard not to comment here but I can't help but notice that you are all eating off your mother's plate." Child 1: stomps away and tosses fork into the sink with force only to return less than 20 seconds later with big tears and obvious sobs. Child 2 swallows food, looks at Papa and says, "hmm, not bad... what are the noodles made out of?" Child 3: oblivious that anything is wrong gets himself a drink to wash down his chips and salsa dinner and says, "are we going to the ice cream social after we eat?" Child 1 crys out, "I'm so hungry but I don't want dad to be mad at me for asking mom for another bite!" Child 2 opens his mouth expecting me to fill it will veggie L0- mien goodness on demand. Child 3 wondering what all the fuss is over. And so I asked the million dollar question, "would you like some dinner? I'd sure love to dish it up!" Child 1: sniffles. "Could I just have rice? I don't like cabbage. It makes me gag. And mushrooms are disgusting. And spinach makes my stomach turn." "GOT IT! Thanks for your honesty." Child 2: "no, I made myself a tuna sandwich, I'll just eat a little of yours." (WHAT?) child 3: "I'm not hungry". As he piles a giant portion of salsa onto his next corn chip. Bless his clueless heart.

And so I dished up one brown rice as ordered. And child 1 partook. When her rice was 1/2 gone she looked up and said, "is that lo-mien good?" Papa was on helping #2. Couldn't answer without gumping so opted out. Child 2 had polished off my helping #1 but still didn't want any of his own. Noticing that indeed it was good, child 1 asked, "could I have just a little bit on top my rice?" and so she did and ate and loved her dinner. And was happy. Child 2 was real full. Child 3 is a garbage gut who ate (literally) corn chips and salsa for dinner and then most happily trotted off to the ice cream social for dessert.

And so it is that papa Nate and mama Beck did not eat candle light lo-mien for dinner tonight by themselves. Child 1 joined them and after she figured out that she was truly not a martyr, she lived happily with good food in her belly. Child 2 over ate... because he made himself a tuna sandwich and then also ate his mother's helping of lo-mien. And he was happy because he never had to admit that he liked that stuff... Child 3 is happy. He is happy about everything. And he is full of garbage. And probably one day he will suffer from obesity and diabetes because his mother fed him corn chips and ice cream for dinner instead of lo-mien. And papa Nate enjoyed 2 helpings and mama Beck ate part of one helping and felt joy that finally childs 1 and 2 did partake... and laughed all the way to bed over child 3... bless his Coley heart.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Better than expected

So the day that I have dreaded for nearly 5 1/2 years arrived. I had prepared myself for it to be the worst day of my existence... ALL MY KIDS AT SCHOOL. But since I had psyched myself out so much prior to that day, it went better than expected. WOOOO HEEEE.... (it was a close one though.) It didn't help that the kids had anxiety over the new school that they were going to attend. McKay absolutely hates anything that doesn't follow his agenda. So we prayed lots and I told a few mommy lies (which I've learned are one of the secrets of motherhood).
Mommy LIES:
When a child tearfully tells mom that he doesn't want to leave home to go out into that big nasty world and play with all the bully kids and listen to boring teachers all day and the mom smiles (all the while her heart is breaking) and says, "its going to be fun!" and "school is a blast! You get to learn about the birds and the bees from your 3rd grade friends who have older siblings, you get to indulge on school lunch that has NO nutritional content, and you get to learn to let mean horrifying self defeating comments that mean kids say go in one ear and out the other and pretend they don't hurt." "its going to be great!"
And so off to school the children went...

Bailey was delighted! She loves school. She is determined that school is the greatest invention since sliced cheese. She plans on making a gajillion more friends and enjoying them after school since she now lives among her school mates! And even better, when she joins the world of Jr. High in the upcoming years she won't have to make all new friends again. Bless her for being so optimistic and joyful!

On another note, McKay was hoping for a natural disaster pushing back his blissful summers end. Anything would have been better than leaving his comfortable and happy living circumstances to associate with strangers. He thinks home school is a great idea! So for McKay we prayed for a miracle.

And God delivered.

I walked McKay to class and painfully watched him dry his eyes (for the ten trillionth time that morning) and answered his question for the billionth time ("how many hours is school?") And then I ducked behind a tree where nobody could see me hug him (CUZ that just isn't cool... even if you're crying because you don't want to leave your mom.) And then I promised that I would come eat lunch with him so that he wouldn't be a total loner. Then I left and returned At lunch time where we talked about how McKay hadn't even had a minute to meet one new friend and that he was definitely going to die if he had to stay for one more hour of school. Just as he was finishing up his turkey sandwich (made with googols of love) one of his long lost friends from his class last year (at the other school) appeared and said, "Oh hey McKay!" and McKay's face lit up like a Christmas tree on steroids, "Hi Ramone!" Those words never sounded so good... In fact, I think Ramone might have to go onto my list of favorite people now. And then Ramone said something so profound: "have you seen Darrin yet? He moved over here too." And my heart leaped and landed in the same spot as McKay's which visibly jumped out of his chest. He not only knew somebody, He had two friends from his other school which made him one mighty happy kid at recess. And after we left the lunch room I walked McKay over to the playground and as soon as he spotted those familiar boys from his 2nd grad class he waved good bye and sent me on my way to our quiet little home. And McKay felt like he belonged at that new school...

Cole has never been more elated to join the world of school kids. Cole is happy about EVERYTHING! But he was delirious with happy about going to school. He was the first one up. The first one dressed. And the first one to have his back pack on. He was the first one in the car and the first one to tell the kids good-bye. However, his school didn't start until noon. So he wore that back pack all day! And He couldn't have been more elated when I told him to get in the car because it was time for school. He was sure that he would have at least 30 new friends by Christmas break. He confidently walked into his class and hung up his back pack after finding the perfect spot for his new green water bottle... and then he went right to his seat without further help... READY for the day! And as I walked out the door, pushing back a little tear I stole one last look at my baby (whom I've enjoyed every minute of his life in major huge amounts) and he glanced over and gave me a wink to send me on my way. That kid... And when he got in the car after school he was the first to announce that he had made two new friends (well on his way to 30) that he couldn't remember their names and one of them he "plays with but doesn't talk to because I can't understand his noise".

And so all the little ones are now in school... and I'm told that I will enjoy it. But all it makes me want to do is cry. Mum says I can take 3 days to mourn... and then I must get going. So I have one more day to heal my lonely heart. And then the enjoyment of my empty house for hours each day begins. But I will never, not ever, stop praying that those lucky teachers who have my wee ones for nearly 7 hours each day will enjoy them as much as I do.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our Favorite Vacation spot... for now!

So I've been absent but sooo alive! Summer has been better than expected. With the kids home sweet home, amazing friends to play with, lots of water to cool us off and even a vacation or two, we can chalk this one up at the top of the list. I am not yet to a place where I can talk about its end which is quickly approaching... so instead, I reminisce of the past weeks which we so endearingly call "summer". This post is dedicated to one of our favorite vacation spots: UTAH... home of Papa Nate's youth and his family, my little old Grandpa and Grandma Della and dear friends covering the state.
We planned this vacation to correspond with the Caveman Class of "89 twenty year reunion. The excitement of old friends and festivities which wrapped around that event did not let us down. Indeed, I met Mi Amore's first kiss. Bless her for being such a woman! If any other woman had to hold a piece of "firsts" in his heart I must be grateful it is her. She is darling! His high school sweet heart...whom I'm don't think I like yet. And all of the "Pea Greens" who he hung out with during those crazy years... the greatest group of friends a young lad could get in trouble with! What a delight to be associated with such a class!
The kids went bazurko with their cousins. They started off the vacation with sleep overs at the Damons and it just went up hill from there. Parades, lake trips, Aggie ice cream, cabin sleep overs in the mountains, cook outs, laughs, friends, more reunions, parties galore, pic nics in the park, shade and soft green luscious grass, Olympic park @ Park City, Grandma's magic water, late late nights, swimming, a ball game, temple square and holy shmoley... FIREWORKS that lit up the sky!! and more BBQ than one deserves in a life. It was incredible! Our hearts will never be the same. Those mountains seem more sacred and family is more endeared, if that is even possible.
The trip was not long enough. Nope... never is! There is always more to see, more people to hug and more memories to make. We plan on all of that! The most magical thing about UT isn't its ancient statues or pyramids, nor is it the cathedrals aging back to Paul. It isn't the attraction for the tropics or the great deep. It certainly isn't the origination of this lovely land we call home. But for us the monumental joy we find in being with family and friends is worth vacation time and savings spent. And when it comes to vote, it is always our "favorite vacation spot".

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Houston... We've got a problem!

April 2006- July 2009

Oh dear me! Another one bites the dust... literally... DUST all over her b b beak! Po Pamela. This meant that there are serious issues within the coop. So since I felt my mission to uncover the mystery of Buttercup's death failed, just a day before, I went to a higher resource... (Mr. Ellsworth~ who seems to know everything that there is to know because he has a book for every topic known to mankind which is the perfect companion to his photographic mind! And besides, on the off chance that he didn't know something, his wife does!) They brought over "The Chicken Health Handbook". Page 139 reads:


"Poisoning is not often a problem in chickens, especially where common sense is used in keeping the flock away from pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and antifreeze."

right! "common sense"! Since we pride ourselves in believing that we were at the front of the line during common sense handouts, this was a mighty blow! Guess we were wrong about that!

With our common sense we have thunk and thunk... this is what we came up with:

If you are a poultry farmer then you know that dusting the chickens for mites and lice is suggested. We, under NO circumstances, welcome mites or lice. So we dust our chickens religiously, every 6 months (needed or not) to prevent a true need! ew! But on Saturday when Mr. Mecham cleaned the coop and found that a beetle had set up camp in the laying boxes he opted to do the common sensible thing and dust the coop for those beetles. We feel strongly about keeping the chickens in the most clean and bug free nesting environment that we owners can offer! And so he dusted away... and then lay down fresh straw right over the top of that dust! And that was Saturday. And as ya'll know, Buttercup passed away unexpectedly on Sunday and then last night Lady Pamela joined her in chicken heaven. They ate those dusty bugs (like any chicken with common sense would do) with the pesticide all over them.

This is a big oops at the expense of many tears of one little 10 year old. Pamela was hers, you know. And I can't decide who feels worse about the whole ordeal, Bailey or Mr. Nate. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Bailey will get over it LOOOOOOOOOOONG before Mr. Mecham... who doesn't like to talk about it much. But he did scrub those chicken laying boxes something fierce! They sparkle... and FYI, nobodies chicken boxes sparkle!

And so today we are crossing our fingers that Bionce, Roadrunner, Boof, Shortcake and Streek are choosing a vegetarian diet... just in case anymore of those nasty beetles are still alive.

Here is our chicken obituary for Pamela:

Sweet Pamela... Not so smart but chased the baseball if it went past her (never mind that she thought it was a giant white bug with red lines on it.) She was generous in giving us food. Nearly every day! What a princess. Pamela was preceded in death by Brittney (who had been her sister hen her whole life... they were purchased the same day and raised together). We suspect that Britt passed away from the same tragic poisoning that Pam did... fowl play.... by a very common sensible owner who is choosing "no comment". Pamela also joins Oreo who committed suicide on Stapely road last summer and Eagle who was attacked by a dog during a free range moment in the Northern pasture at the same time. We believe chickens must die in twos. Who knew? Brittney and Pamela are survived by 5 lovely hens who could care less that they are gone... (More shade space in the coop now!) and 5 very common sensible owners who loved them very much. Rest in peace little lady. 'Till we meet...

Monday, July 13, 2009

I suspect foul play

Princess Buttercup (AKA: Brittney the "big breasted chicken")
April 2006 - July 2009

The Heavens seem to be calling quite a few home...
The King of Pop, Farrah and now Princess Buttercup. I guess even in Heaven there needs to be poultry. Why not? But for us, it was a hugemungous shock! Buttercup was our "prized bird". She was healthy. She layed regularly. Her feathers were as healthy and shiny as a new penny! Just yesterday she played in the yard while we tilled her up some dirt to cool off in. But there was a mysterious moment when she came dashing across the yard yelping! We all just looked at each other. Well, today we found her face down. Very sad indeed. Bailey cried. Nate buried her under the boy's window. Very touching.
In an effort to figure out what might have gone wrong I searched the Internet doctor. It was quite astonishing what I found. Who would have thunk that "chicken death" was such a HOT topic? After all, don't we eat chicken more frequently than we consider them pets around these parts? I just thought I was strange for liking them more than my own brothers.

After typing in "chicken death" in google this is what I found...
I give you my favorites:

#1) "Ok, so I have a flock of Buffs with 2 (well 1 now) roosters. They are about 15 weeks old. They're happy, well-fed, and seem healthy, even this one I'm telling you about. The wife went out to feed them today, and all were fine, when she turned around one of the roosters was laying on the ground deader than a doornail. I went out, no wounds, no indication of blood anywhere (I checked well), no foam at the mouth that may have indicated choking (no jokes please.). Any idea what I'm looking at here? Not really into performing autopsies, but would like to know what would make a chicken drop dead instantly."
Now let it be known that there was a whole page of serious comments from concerned chicken owners who responded with grievances and concern over this owner's loss. And I would have loved to add my woe but if I might point out one thing that held me back... "the wife" part of that little clipping disturbed me some. What the heck red neck says "the wife went out..." C'mon! And then POOF! Just like that "the wife" turned around and the rooster dies? "deader than a doornail". Very nicely put, I think.
#2) "I've had 2 hens for a year now. 1 Rhode island red and 1 black australorp. Yesterday the Australorp just died. No warning. No signs of foul play. Not a ruffled feather. They free range in the daytime when I'm home and I went out early evening and she was just lying in a sandy spot, dead. She'd layed an egg in the morning, did her usual clucking and running around the yard when I let her into the yard late in the morning...Any advice on introducing a new hen to our remaining RI Red? She seems SO lonely without her lifelong companion."
but that isn't even the best part... The best part was the response this owner got...
A.) "Eureka,What state are you in? Some states will do a free necropsy for backyard flocks. If I were you, I'd take a fecal sample in to the vet for a float to see if your flock has worms. Did you notice anything strange about the two who died? Stumbling, depression, weight loss, anything?"
Ummm.. a "free necropsy"? What the???!!! Better yet, "I'd take a fecal sample in to the vet for a float..." I don't think so! Bury the darn bird and let her R.I.P! She done her duty! I loved Buttercup, but I till her fecal samples into my garden... I don't pick them up and study them.
Did you know Chickens stumble, get depressed and have weight fluctuation? It's like we're talking about grandma!
But my personal favorite was definitely this:
#3) "you can do a home autopsy, I have done this for a number of my birds and it helps give me a narrower range of things to read up on (usually) there is a link here - this site gives you step by step instructions and also a list of possibilities based on your findings at the end. It can be hard to do on a bird that's been well loved but it can really help with either reassurance or information (or both)"
That is just wrong! So I just have to know what you think... When these folks were buying a house Did they have as a part of their criteria: "3 bedroom, 2 bath and office with an autopsy suite off to the side for the chickens"? Does it make you wonder if they also neuter their own hound dog and felines?
And last but certainly not least, there is a place in cyberspace for 'Chicken obituaries".
#4)" Chicken Obituaries
June 23, 2009
Such a tragic event happened today. “A date that will live in infamy”. Our first chicken died, it was poor California, such a sweet great little chicken. It died of natural causes underneath the hanging food bowl. These are the types of events that make you ask the Question,” are there chickens in heaven”?"
I would be lying if I said that I was NOT sad that Buttercup died today. Deader than a doornail! She really was one of my favorites. I baby these beauties. But you won't find me with a scalpel performing chicken autopsies or gathering fecal samples to cart into the vet. None of that will change her escape from the heat of summer for free range grazing time in the heavens. That being said, you are more than welcome to consider this as a chicken obituary! And to answer #4, I do believe there are chickens in heaven...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ready, set, GOOOOO! Go now!!!

This is a place to put on your "MUST VISIT" list... and please share the info with your friends! We have to keep this joint going. It is incredible!

Now my free advertising may never do this store justice! Honestly! But there is truly something for everyone here. The food tastes like food, it has the nutrition of food but it saves like food storage.
One/two people families who hate to waste food... this is your store! My dad has diabetes which means that he watches his carb intake pretty good... This is his store because you can buy goods that will store other than noodles and flour! And for those of us with medium to large families that actually enjoy the flavor of food... this is our store! The flavor is incredible! So incredible that the food storage will get processed! Go figure!! And there is quite a variety at an awesome price!

I understand there are cooking classes on Tuesday and Saturday. I'm so there! The prices are great! I taste tested quite a few things. The grated sharp cheddar (freeze dried) actually tasted like grated sharp cheddar cheese. The powder milk (oh how I loath the flavor of powder milk... I almost hate paying the price for it because I know it tastes so yucky... but NOT any more!) The powder milk at food wise tastes like milk. I drank a cup of it! The food tasted like it was supposed to. Go try it!
If you don't try it for the food storage or food usage, then try the store out for cool gadgets, storage buckets, generators, etc... I purchased a little surprise there for my mother-in-law! Can't wait for her to open it! She is going to be delighted! And next time I go, I think I'll pick me one up too!
Are you going yet?
Lindsey and William's Field! Or shop online if you are out of town and they will send it to you!
Go now!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wish we all could be Californians....

There just can't be enough to say about a celebration of our Independence on the beach in California... It goes like this:
You leave the Sonora Desert and excruciating temperatures and a few short hours later arrive into a climate of lush vegetation and a cool ocean breeze.

The Dillards invited us to join them for a trip to San Diego. Boy howdy... we've never been invited to vacation with anyone before! Very exciting indeed! And not only did they treat us to a weekend of great food, entertainment and a cozy little home, but they made it a July 4th for the books! Our gratitude to you for a seriously amazingly fun trip! You guys are a blast! So... I'm marking my calendar for next year. Surely you want to vacation with us again! I mean, whats not fun about waiting on us hand and foot! :)
We layed on the beach for two days. LAYED and PLAYED!! And that cool breeze and soft sand between the toes was dreamy! And then we ate and played and layed around some more. And if it had to be summed up into one word I would choose RELAX! Relax in its truest form... as in, brain hopped off the hamster wheel for a whole week end!
On Sunday we visited the ever beautiful San Diego temple. And yes... it is most amazing how it appears out of nowhere off the freeway. Love that place! And then we went to Sea Port Village... just before we came home.
It really did stink to have to leave that place. When we pulled into Yuma for a gas and a water break I stepped out of my air conditioned automobile into a furnace! My sunburn began to sting worse than it did the day I got it! YIKES!!! And I was this close (-) to turning that Honda around and going right back to that luscious climate and incredible company (who stayed 2 extra days for a Sea World extravaganza!... Party animals!)
On my way home I actually said to the pilot of my vehicle, "sir, I feel like I could conquer the world tomorrow. This vacation rejuvenated me to the soul". And he concurred.
I wished we all could be Californians...