Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the air...

Today the kids had Valentine's parties at school. They traded Valentine's cards and candy... It reminded me of years past when I was trading Valentine's at school:
One year... long ago... I received a Valentine from a little boy in my class (elementary school) who confessed that I was "HIS" valentine. He gave me a white bear with a love note. There was no hiding the fact that I got a stuffed bear while everyone else got a paper heart. I got teased until by the end of the day I hated my bear... and even worse, I hated the idiot who gave it to me! But when I got home mum gave the same advise she always did:
"those other kids are just jealous. Don't let them bother you."
For some reason I believed that mum of mine. I grew up thinking kids made fun of me because they were either jealous of me or that they were having troubles at home. Surely there was nothing wrong with me! BOY HOWDY! And to be real honest... there might have been, but I didn't know it and mum wouldn't let me believe it! And so it turned out that the little bear did get to have a home in my toy box... (even if I didn't EVER play with it!)
Today during the 5th grade class party (I was helping at) Alen was vocally hopeful that my Bailey would win a game when Zac teased them.
"you just like her... she's your Valentine."
Now two funny things happened when I heard this:
1) I thought about pinning Mr. Zac against the bulletin board and interrogating him about what in the world could be wrong at home?
(2) then I decided, Na... He's just jealous.
Golly! Mum was right... Some things just never change!
(In case I don't get around to it on Sunday... )
Happy Valentine's Day!