Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coming home!

This little hotty will be home today! I can't wait to kiss his face off! Welcome back Mr. Mecham!!! You have been missed terribly!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When we really think about moving clear across the world we kinda get a little sick. We have been ready for an adventure for a long time. We are beyond excited! But leaving family and friends behind us makes us kinda sick to our stomach.
Every single day my kids play with their cute little friends. They are so happy. Our dear friends hand with us. Laugh with us. Raise us up during hard times and put up with us... and now, while Mr. Mecham is a gajillion mile away preparing our European home, friends make the longs days go by faster. Family does the same. So here we are... excited and sad all at once. Its a bag of emotions whose reality is quickly approaching. We know family will be here. We know friends will be here. We know we will stay in touch. But we won't be playing with them and talking to them every day... Today when I saw the boys playing with Princes out back, it hit hard... these little people are more like our kids than the neighbors and we kinda feel like we are leaving some of our children behind. Thank heaven for technology! If it weren't for phones and fb, blogs and e-mail, we wouldn't make it!

Dear friends and Family,
We are excited for an opportunity to travel Europe, work in Poland, serve our Heavenly Father in a far off land and expand our circles of friends there. However, you will forever and ever hold a big piece of our hearts. It has helped to know that in all the places we've ever lived, our friends are still our friends and we still communicate with them. But we will miss you something fierce.
There will always be a place for you to lay your head and an warm meal at our table if you should desire to travel across the ocean to see us.
We will be back... and perhaps we like you more than you like us... but we can't tell....because you are too nice to us! That is why we will be back. And we already look forward to it!
Until then, Much love,
The Mechams.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Every Fourth Stork is Polish

"Every Fourth Stork is Polish"

I have to admit something since the Mr. already spilled the beans about my love for bird. I LOVE BIRDS! It's maybe a little bit weird... but I have always loved them. Infact, the only thing that I get excited about when I think of the mammoth oleanders in my back yard is that they house a WHOLE LOT of birds... and I can hear them and see them every day. We are not real "pet" people... but we have 15 chickens which I have a place in my heart for and two cockateils that I talk to like they were my babies. Mr. Squeeker knows I love him. And Tilly is my buddy. I know. It is strange... I just can't help myself. So while some people dream of the fancy car they would drive if they had a million bucks, I dream of the aviary I would build... It is palacial.
Mi Amore knows this little fact about me. He has listened to me ramble many times. So he couldn't wait to report on the stork population in Poland... our future new home. I went to work researching the mythical creature that drops babies at on the door step. This is what I found: And I am so excited to see these beauties in my back yard.

"Each spring, Poland welcomes home roughly 25 percent of the nearly 325,000 white storks (scientific name Ciconia ciconia) that breed in Europe. When the storks return from their wintering grounds in Africa, they are attracted to tall trees or buildings where they build nests that often weigh up several tons. People sometimes attach wagon wheels to rooftops and barns or tall poles near buildings in hopes of luring the birds to nest near their homes. Today, telecommunications companies put up special poles and nest supports for the storks.

Adult white storks are about 1 m (3 ft) tall, with long red legs, a straight pointed red bill, white plumage, and black wing feathers.

Nearly 41 thousand “couples” of the 160 thousand worldwide breed in Poland, thus, “every fourth stork is Polish.” ( and
Stork nests are huge: some old nests may be over 6 ft (2 m) in diameter and nearly 9 ft (3 m) in depth. They are constructed of branches and sticks and lined with twigs, grasses, sod, rags, and paper. Some nests have been in continuous use for hundreds of years . Breeding birds add to the nest each summer, with both males and females contributing to the construction.

Storks stay with one mate for the breeding season, but they do not migrate or over-winter together. If the same pair mates the next year, it is because of a strong attachment to the nesting site. The female usually lays 3–5 eggs, and both parents incubate the eggs for about one month. Young chicks are covered with white down and have black bills; their legs and bills slowly turn red as they mature.

Both parents bring food to the nest until the young fledge at 8–9 weeks of age. As the babies prepare for their first flight, they practice by jumping up from the ground floor of the nest, and then take small flights near the nest. Before the summer is over, they join their parents at the feeding grounds, which are usually near wet or marshy areas"

Is that fantastic? I can't wait to see them. Nate says they are everywhere! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby!

June 14, on Flag day, Mr. Mecham and I were married in the Manti, UT, (Sanpete County) LDS temple. It was a lovely day, indeed. The photographer forgot to show up (because dad had pre-paid him) but other than that there wasn't even a glitch! And besides, everyone had a camera anyway so we had tons and tons of pictures!
14 years later here we are... still celebrating that beautiful day! Except we are happier today than we were nearly a decade and a half ago... because we've had time to figure out how much we actually really do like each other. And I must say, I wouldn't like to live another day without Mr. Mecham. I hope we never have to find out what that is like.
This year we do not celebrate in much style... Although the ever romantic Mr. Mecham did call in a special order clear from Poland to have Sugar Mama's deliver a little treat. And he promised me we would have a real celebration... perhaps in Paris or Prague to celebrate our union. And then... he sent a love not from Europe. And though I did edit it a little bit, I am going to share the romantic side or Mr. Mecham... because it makes me so happy to read it.

Rebecca Suzanne,

First of all, you may have received my custom-ordered 'magic' anniversary gift. I mean, seriously....only once in a lifetime do you celebrate 14 years of marriage on the 14th day of your wedding month, and I find myself on the other side of the world. Curse. Don't fret, my dear...I will get to be with you again very soon, and someday soon I will be able to take you to celebrate in a proper fashion. enjoy.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Part I:
With much joy and fondness do I sit down tonight and reflect on the blessed and happy state of my life with you. Today marks the completion of 14 years of marriage to you, and I wish like a dish of tuna fish that I was next to you to say this in person...but with my weakness in communicating, would I say the things I want to? Hard to say, Clark. One thing I do know is that things happen for a reason, and I firmly believe that I was lead to you. You were like a magnet for me. Once I saw you, I knew that I had to know you. Once I got to know you, I couldn't stay away. Period. I joke about marrying way above my head, but that couldn't be more true. The problem with that, however, is that you must tire of constantly dragging me along. Everything worthwhile, lovely and of good report related to my existence on this earth ties directly to you. Period. (I say that a lot...I think) You are my foundation of hope, happiness and pure joy. I cringe when I reflect on some of my past actions and attitudes related to our relationship, my career, my role in our family, my view of our family and the way I have treated you at times. I think our thoughts can be assembled in such a way as to create our own framework of endless misery and woe (I don't know how to spell woe, to be honest with you), and for me, thinking of those things does that to me. I doubt you had any idea of the amount of work it would be to have me in your life. Oh how great the hope that eternal life gives us, that we can be in a constant state of improvement and repair, always becoming better than we are...not settling for what we are now, but striving for what we can become. I am sorry it has taken me so dang long to appreciate you for all that you have done, all that you are and all that we can become together. Dang. That sounded good. Way better than any stupid card at Fry's or Wally-world....and I had to break from my stupid tradition of buying you some slightly (or not so slightly) suggestive card that was as shallow as all get out. :)

Part II:
Things I really, really like about Rebecca Suzanne Mecham (in no particular order):
- The sultry sound of her voice on the phone after a long day.
- The way she flips her lovely blonde locks off her shoulder when she is giving a kick-fannie presentation.
- The way she tilts her head when she is listening to what you have to say.
- The way she can whip up the most decisious meal in the world with nothing but vegetables, some left-over rice and a couple of cans of beans.
- The way she can sight read music better than most folks can play after practicing.
- The incredible way she smells. I am not kidding at all about that lotion applicator position...
- Her patience with her children, which far and away exceeds the great majority of the population.
- The way she sticks up for her children - always.
- Her desire to be a noble and obedient daughter of God.
- The way she says 'k'den' when she needs to make a point.
- The number of books about ancient prophets within an arm's reach at any given moment.
- Her honesty.
- Her passion about those things that she cares about.
- Her beauty.
- Her grace.
- Her soft spot for anything about the Royal Family, a Coke with lots of ice, and cadbury eggs.
- The wall of pillows erected every night to make the cursed (Sunday purchased) mattress even half-way comfortable.
- Her talent with hot wax.
- The way she can turn a trip to the gas station, grocery store or indian reservation into a reprieve from the world's troubles.
- Watching the way other people love her and react to her.
- Pulling the blanket up around her after she has fallen dead asleep on the couch, knowing that she may or may not sleep in her bed that night.
- Watching her manuver around a cooler in the back of the van as she distributes a fabulous meal to the family going 75 mph down the highway.
- Watching her manuver the tiller (her favorite power tool) around the garden or chicken coop.
- Listening to her play the piano in the evening just for the heck of it.
- Watching the reaction she gets from both the chickens and cocketiels. She really is the Bird Lady.
- The way she takes care of people recovering from sickness or surgery.
- The way she never makes fun of people coming out of surgery by making them say dumb stuff.
- The way she covers for people when they get sick at the sight of a needle or the wiggle of an IV thingy.

The way she makes me feel when I am with oh my.

I love you, Becky

That is just a part of why I love Nate... I think its funny that he thinks he has "mis-treated" me... Like... when I think of that I think of people hitting other people. Or Maybe people saying something mean. He hasn't ever done any of that... But whatever.

My response... to that lovely letter:

Mi Amore,
No way, not ever, Will there be a card or letter written to beat that one. NEVER EVER! laughing and crying... And I don't think I could ever top it. You just hit a major home run... so tell me again, why are you 10 trillion miles away tonight?
I love you. I miss you. EVERYTHING about you. Everything.

I was so consumed trying to forget that yesterday was my anniversary, since I didn't get to spend how I would have liked to... and so I didn't post this little blog until the 15th. Oh well... Atleast I won't forget it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Taxi Driver

Among all of the motherly duties to be done, I think I am going to be best at Taxi driving... After all, I spend all my time in the car. Does everyone feel the same way? Like... this week was so crazy that at red lights I found myself daydreaming about the day that Bailey gets her drivers liscence... and I was picking out which new car I would get when I passed the big family wagon on to her so that she could run some errands and drop some kids off. At one light I woke up to a horn honker and a couple middle fingers coming my way. I guess I was a dreaming a little more than I should have been.

5 things best about taxi driving:

5) watching the price of fuel at the pump go up and up and up.... Because you start considering not only the cost of the event that you are driving your child to, but how much it will cost you to get them there before you decide if it will work in your buget. You know, I like the idea of charging per bag. The airlines have that just about right... Each time somebody gets in my car from now on, I think I will charge them for their purse, swim bag, music bag, bat bag, brief case, wallet, church bag, scripture bag, and for sure each grocery bag. Then I can afford gas!

4) working in a cubical (I've never done it but heard it isn't so much fun) must kinda be like driving your car all day. Except you don't have a chair with wheelies that you can spin around in. However, your cubical is on wheels?!

3) winter taxi vs summer taxi: Winter taxi is just the same thing over and over... drop the kids at school. grocery store. bank. laundry. pick up kids from school. take to sports practice/games. take to music lessons. over and over... Super routine! But summer taxi is a little different! Get in car. burn hand. burn buttocks on the seat (cloth seats have to be better than leather in AZ.) turn on AZ and feel a 10 min blast of heat melting your face... then get to destination turn off car only to return and start that over again before you get to next destination. Plus the car smells like chlorine. Very different from winter taxi. Events are moment to moment rather than routine. Can't decide which one I like more

2) Taxi driving with a car load of kids. Hopefully all of them talking at the same time... and Hopefully there are atleast 10 of them... Just hopefully! For an entire 8 hours until your head is sooo full of fog that you can't figure out how to get the straw in your coke from the cup holder to your mouth.

1) The best thing about taxi driving is that I have a taxi at all! Thanks heaven! Could I imagine doing all of this walking? YIPES!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Man of the house

It went down like this:
Last night we were preparing Nate "the great" to leave on the first leg of our European excursion. Upon my scan of the front yard I realized that it was not mowed... I told McKay that he was going to be the man of the house and so he would be in charge of mowing after pops left. And though I was half way joking, because like what mum sends her 10 year old out to do all the manly duties of the father... But McKay let it seep in... While I forgot about it.

This morning we took Old papa Nate to that airport along with 3 oversized suit cases full of provisions for the next 18 months... And we quickly dropped him at the curb with a smooch and hugs and drove away. Upon our return back to the homestead we all quickly found ourselves crawling back into our cozy and cool sheets. And next thing I know this is what happened...

I woke up to the lawn mower moving across the yard. I looked at the clock in time to see that I had waaaaaay over slept and then I peeped out my blinds to see the "man of the house" pulling the lawn mower over the yard.

Later, whence he came in, and after I smooched his face off, I asked Mr. McKay why did he do such a nice thing and he told me, "I wanted to get a start on the lawn before it got too hot." He did the far side by the street today and said he would work on the rest throughout the rest of the week. And then I realized... I am in good hands!

Mr. Mecham may be thousands of miles away, but the Man of the house is taking good care of things over here.

Sure love that little man!