Friday, February 18, 2011

A musical morning

Mr. Cole is the happiest person I know. Really! He is. He can find something good about every single day! It might be because in every prayer he has ever said there is always one request, "please help us to have fun____________" fun doing whatever! And Cole's prayer is answered... because the kid has fun doing everything! He is unique in many ways... but up at the top of my favorites is that he is the most cooshy, cozey little boy ever! Cole's top 10 cooshy and cozey requests: (10)fluffy pillow (9)feather blankets (8)to be warm (7)long sleeves even in the summer (6)fleece lined jeans because he likes how "soft and cozey" they feel on his legs (I have to hide the fleece lined jeans during the summer or he will wear them) (5)bubble baths drawn and bathroom warm before he gets undressed (4)getting his feet rubbed with lotion before bed time (3)snuggie (on the most wanted Christmas list!) (2) talking in temple tones(uh small problem... I don't usually talk in temple tones) and the #1 that makes me laugh every day is that he wants to be woken up with a song.
The fact is that there is something that doesn't make cole happy and that is when he is woken up withOUT a song. So when this happens he grumps around until we send him back to bed thereby giving us the opportunity to wake him up with a song. It is really funny! He is serious about it! Nate sucks at waking him up. He doesn't ever sing. But he is learning that the entire family relishes in a happy morning if he will just freaken' sing a song! Everyone else around here is on board with waking up Mr. Cole in musical fashion!
I vowed to post today so that I never forget the awesome morning... I asked McKay to please go wake up Coley and so he did. I heard him quietly singing, "once there was a snowman" and he even sang the 2nd verse about "once there was a tulip". And when I went in to peak, McKay was standing right by the top bunk with his little voice in Coley's ear and rubbing his back... just like Cole likes.
You can imagine that morning was quite pleasant around here today!
I sure love those boys! They are so fun.